This period property type will fetch the highest house price

Want to invest in a home that will give you a handsome return when it's time to sell? Consider this period property type

whitewashed part-Victorian part-Georgian home with wisteria
(Image credit: Julia Currie)

With UK house prices continuing to break all records, many home owners will be at least thinking of how much their home is worth, even if they're not planning to sell immediately. But did you know that if you own a period property, there's one particular type that will fetch well over the national average, to the tune of a £100,000 extra? 

According to recent research by the property portal OpenBrix, the lucky owners of Georgian properties can command asking prices far above the average house price; A Georgian home could get 102,854 more than other property types. 

It is true that owning any period home pretty much guarantees you selling it for more, with Victorian and Edwardian properties fetching on average 20 per cent more than the average £239,196 – that's £47,839 extra.  Live in London? You can expect £97,832 for your home if it's from the Victorian or Edwardian era, and (drumroll) a whopping £210,338 for a Georgian property. In South East England, Georgian period properties carry a price premium of between £113,901 and £142,823. Adam Pigott, CEO of OpenBrix, commented: 

'Much like fine wine and antiques, the superior age and style of Georgian period housing seems to attract a far greater price premium amongst UK homebuyers.

'This has largely been due to the cyclical nature of property trends, with high ceilings, large windows and the space and light these properties provide once again becoming popular amongst homebuyers.

'However, the accessibility of Victorian-style homes and the privacy of the Edwardian era properties also resonates with buyers and regardless of which era, these properties provide something more unique to the modern-day new-build. They also carry part of our national history within their bricks and mortar and this is something that simply can’t be replicated.

'As a result, those lucky enough to reside in a period style property have a far stronger bargaining chip to most when it comes to selling and these property styles will always command a higher sum than the average UK home.'

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