Discover 'Homestead' in Otherland's new seasonal collection

Made up of six new scents, Otherland's new collection is inspired by a weekend at the Homestead.

Otherland Autumnland seasonal collection
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Candle lovers, rejoice, Otherland is giving us yet another reason to fall for fall, and yes, that includes any non-pumpkin-spice lovers out there, too. 

The fan-favorite candle brand knows that while we're jumping at the chance to wine-and-diner with family and friends, after spending 16+ months at home, many of us have come to appreciate our time spent there. And, their brand-new candle collection acknowledges just that.

The 'Homestead' collection introduces six brand-new pieces, all inspired by Autumn.

“From the domestic doldrums of a year at home came a whiff of unexpected magic: a mystical tablescape, a swirl of foaming milk, a dancing shimmering moon. This collection is inspired by time at home and all its uncovered wonders,” says Otherland’s co-founder and CEO, Abigail Cook Stone.

Check out six of the best candles — all sure to cast a surrealist spell on you. 

6 Otherland Candles to add to your shopping carts

1. Berkshire Gardens

Berkshire Gardens Otherland Candle

(Image credit: Otherland)

Berkshire Garden Candle for $36, at Otherland

Picture this: loafing around in a cozy cabin in the mountains, and you immerse your senses with creamy oat milk, pumpkin seeds, and toasted granola. That's what the Berkshire Granola candle will do for you. 

2. Sriracha Rose

Siracha Rose Candle Otherland

(Image credit: Otherland)

Sriracha Rose Candle for $36, at Otherland

Kick things off with the Sriracha Rose candle; Bulgarian roses, pomegranates, and hot chili flakes ignite for a steamy experience that you won't want to miss. 

3. Spice it Up 

Spice it Up Candle Otherland

(Image credit: Otherland)

Spice it Up Candle for $36, at Otherland

Forget about adding a little sugar and spice — add a little sweet, spicy and savory with this selection. This scent immerses rooms with pink peppercorn, brown sugar, and hickory wood, with the glass vessel adding the perfect finishing touch. 

4. Tomato Terrazzo

Tomato Terrazzo Candle Otherland

(Image credit: Otherland)

Tomato Terrazzo Candle for $36, at Otherland

If you're like me, Sunday dinners are a staple in my home, and melt-in-your-mouth sauce is always front-and-center — as should this candle. Hitting all the right notes for the best home fragrance, you'll experience leafy vines, celery salt and heirloom tomatoes that smell almost as good as it tastes. 

5. Velvet Persimmon

Velvet Persimmon Candle Otherland

(Image credit: Otherland)

Velvet Persimmon Candle for $36, at Otherland

Mulled cider mix, juicy persimmon, and velvety leaves? Do we ever have to say more when it comes to this eight-ounce choice? No, we didn't think so — sign us up. 

6. Woodlands

Woodsland otherland candle

(Image credit: Otherland)

Woodsland Candle for $36, at Otherland

Not ready to give up your morning, afternoon, or late-night nature walk? Us either, and this Woodland's candle only extends the great outdoors, indoors. Featuring Palo Santo, smoked vanilla, and redwood bark, it's the smell of fresh air you'll admire all day, every day. 

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