No flour baking: 3 flourless baking ideas to try this weekend

You have to try these no flour baking recipe ideas if – like us – you're struggling to find flour but need a little treat

no flour baking: vegan pancakes
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These no flour baking ideas are a lifesaver if – like many of us – you're struggling to get your hands on flour either online, or in store. Not only are they delicious, they're also pretty easy to make and require ingredients that will be much easier to source in your local supermarket – or even corner shop.

Since coronavirus hit the UK, we've seen a spike in customers stocking up on flour and other baking essentials, which has made it difficult for suppliers to keep up with demand. Consequently, it's not uncommon for those on the hunt for flour to be faced with empty shelves...

While this shortage won't last forever, we've come up with some tasty no flour baking ideas for you to try in the meantime. You'll find plenty more tasty recipe ideas and inspiration over on our food hub.

No flour baking 

1. Flapjacks make for a tasty no flour treat

flapjacks on baking tray

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The beauty of our flapjacks recipe is how adaptable it is. As long as you have the simple base of oats, butter, brown sugar and golden syrup or honey, you can add pretty much anything you have hanging around to the mix.

 We love dried fruit, chopped nuts or chocolate chips, but you could try adding bits of fresh fruit, raisins, ginger, or anything else you fancy.

2. Give these no flour banana pancakes a go

vegan pancakes

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These banana pancakes are about to become your go-to weekend breakfast. If you love a fluffy American pancake, but are desperately trying to get more fruit into your diet, need to avoid gluten, or simply can't get your hands on any flour,  this recipe is a winner.

Surprisingly, they contain just three ingredients – banana (surprise, surprise), eggs and baking powder – but deliver that yummy cakey texture and are oh so good swimming in a bit of maple syrup.

Check out our full banana pancake recipe.

3. This delicious chocolate mousse calls for no flour

Bosh Banana and chocolate mousse recipe

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Okay, so it's not quite baking, but this vegan chocolate mousse is a great alternative if you're short on flour. This vegan recipe created by Bosh! is perfect for all ages, capturing your childhood desperation to ditch the yoghurt and opt for a mousse, while also indulging those mature tastebuds with a melange of luxurious flavours from cinnamon to mint. 

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