Next sale 2019: When? What? Where? We've got all the info...

The Next sale is imminent! It could start as soon as this weekend! Here's how you can get prepared...

Next sale
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Oh, the Next sale. It's like a rite of passage for any savvy sales shopper. Set your alarm for five, be in the queue, bucket of coffee in hand, for six. It's exciting! Of course you can do it all online now, but it does help to be prepared! So we have trawled the internet for all the info we can get on the Next sale, so you can get ahead. Keep scrolling to find out when it's happening and what deals you need to be looking out for...

Oh, and if you can't wait for the Next sale, head on over to our deals hub page; there are loads of discounts from our fave brands going on over there already. 

When does the Next sale start?

Well, Next have been hush hush about when their much anticipated autumn sale 2019 will commence exactly, but if last year is anything to go by it looks like it could be this weekend! In 2018, the sale started on this exact weekend, so it looks promising! Plus some beady eyed shoppers have noticed that the Next opening times have changed for this weekend, opening early at 7am. Again, looks promising!

If you are a Next VIP customer you might be in on the secret already, because sounds like some of you have just received your pre-season sale slots so you can spend time shopping before everyone else. Lucky you!

So basically, no confirmation as of yet, but looks like this weekend could be the one! Keep your ears to the ground people!

What is the Next sale VIP preview? 

As we said, some lucky people will get a first look at the Next sale before the rest of us. You can sign up for Next VIP anytime and get in on the sale action early; you do need to have a Next credit account and have placed a order at Next this season (errr... easy peasy, no?). Be warned though, Next suss out serial returners! You can only become a Next VIP if you have returned less than a third of the items you have ordered. 

We would recommend signing up ASAP if you want to check out the sale early! The slots are done on a first come first served basis and they go quickly!!

What discounts are happening in the Next Sale?

Well expect to see a lot of 50 per off or more labels! Next sales don't mess around – the discounts are huge! And so much stock goes into the sale, too. Obviously, we will be heading straight to the home section to grab all those Next cushions that have been sat in our basket for months. We will also be sure to round up our fave picks from the Next sale, so keep your eyes peeled for that. We know sales, especially the massive Next sale, can be a bit overwhelming, so we are here to help you out. Good luck and happy shopping!

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