I'm a DIYer, and I can't live without these 5 tools

These tools will be useful for even the simplest of DIY tasks around your home

Jessica Grizzle with DIY tools
(Image credit: Jessica Grizzle)

It doesn’t matter if you are a novice, or consider yourself an experienced DIYer, there's one rule that holds true for every project: you need the right tools for the job. It may sound simple, but as and avid DIYer, I've learned that a proper set of tools can mean the difference between hours of frustration and an Instagram-worthy success.

If you're new to DIY, or thinking about trying some more advanced projects around the home, there are certain tools that I reach for on almost every project.  Below, I've come up with five must-have tools which can get you started on your own ‘Do It Yourself’ journey. 

1. Spirit level

A spirit level is that handy tool which prevents objects in your home looking a little wonky, or slightly out of place. We have all spotted a lopsided photo frame in our time, and know just how distracting that can be. So, whether you’re mounting a TV on the wall or putting up shelving, you can always find a spirit level for the job.

A good tip to remember is, the longer the level, the greater the accuracy. However, it all depends on the area you’re working in, so it is great that they come in a variety of sizes.

If you already have a few spirit levels, you may want to invest in a laser level for your collection. These are great for bigger room projects like block colour wall painting, or even built in wardrobes (If you want a challenge).

2. Sealant gun

A sealant gun is one of those DIY items that can sometimes get overlooked, but it is extremely handy to have around.

Do you need to seal around your window frames? Or have you attached wall panelling that needs to be caulked for that seamless finish? If so, get a sealant gun. It can be used to apply cartridges of adhesives, silicones, caulk, wood fillers and so much more. Pretty useful and not at all expensive.

3. Mitre saw and box

Yes, technically a mitre saw and a mitre box are two separate things, but they were made for each other. The two are basically used to cut wood; mainly trims and moulding which can be used for smaller projects. You may want to add a decorative trim to plain doors, or maybe as part of an upcycle project.

However, If you are planning to cut bigger pieces of wood for a sizable project like garden decking, you may want to consider getting a power mitre saw. Trust us, your arms would thank you for relieving them of that pressure.

4. Utility knife

This has to be one of the most used tools in a DIYers toolbox, mainly because, if nothing else, it is great at opening the boxes of the countless online deliveries we get.

When it comes to actual projects, utility knives are great for trimming wallpaper, shaving wood or even cutting vinyl floor tiles. Some come with spare blades that are easily interchangeable, and for extra safety, the blades can retract inside.

5. Tape measure

Every DIYer should at least have one tape measure, but ideally, have a few dotted around your home for quick access (it makes life so much easier). I could list for days the amount of tasks you can use a tape measure for, but they really are an essential tool to have.

They are great for renovators, measuring the space for a new bathroom suite or the size of new doors for the bedrooms. They are great for furniture buying, so you can make sure the sofa you fell in love with will actually fit. They are also great for DIYers, measuring the radiator dimensions so you can make your own cover. Either way, it is a tool for not only DIYers but for all home dwellers.

Again, if you fancy an upgrade, you can buy a laser distance measure. It will do all the hard work for you if you are doing a large project in a big space.

Jess Grizzle is a multi-award winning content creator and home interiors influencer. Her social media platforms include her Instagram @grizzle_abode which she started in May 2019. Here she shares the joys and trials of living in a home during a renovation and her many DIY projects. 

Although she has always been creative, she really found her love for DIY once she and her husband became homeowners. She realised quite quickly out of the two of them, she was the one with the desire to buy power tools and learn new DIY skills. 

She found her passion of championing women to do DIY and take on their own challenges. This led her to become a co-founder of the @femalediycollective, a growing female DIY community celebrating projects from women all around the world.