Why you shouldn't move house on a Saturday - and other house-moving superstitions

Good luck to those moving this Friday 13th

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We're not particularly superstitious, but when it comes to moving house, and all the things that can potentially go wrong, we'll take any extra luck we can get. 

Friday and Saturday are said to be the unluckiest days of the week to move, whether you're renting or buying. And since the summer months are a popular time to pack up our lives and head somewhere new, we're taking a look at where this house-moving superstition comes from.

You know, just to be on the safe side...

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While it might be convenient to move into your new home on a Saturday, it could be an unlucky decision. According to superstitions, moving on a Friday or Saturday doesn't leave you with enough time in the week to settle in.

We always think it's worth taking some time off work to move, just to make the incredibly stressful house-moving process that bit less frantic. If you were thinking the same thing, use this superstition as an excuse to book some time off and give yourself more time to unpack all those boxes.

As well as the unluckiest days to move in, there are many other weird and wonderful notions around moving to a new property. In India, homeowners step into their new home with their right foot first, as this is said to bring good luck.

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Those who believe in ghosts can consider painting porches blue to deter evil spirits. In South America, some believe that a blue entrance will keep ghosts from coming into your home, based on the idea that ghosts can't cross water.

Similarly, sprinkling a pinch of salt at the doorway of each room is believed to ward off ghosts. Stuffing fennel through your keyhole or hanging it over your front door is also believed to scare off witches.

If you're thinking of selling your house, look at how to sell a house faster - simple steps might shift it more quickly. 

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Also, an old Irish tradition says that it's best to leave your house through the same door you came in. This only applies to the first day you spend at the house, so there's no need to make it a habit.

According to Feng Shui, your broom from your old home should always be left behind. This is because an old sweeping brush holds the negative aspects of your life as well as dust and dirt. So it's not something you want to bring to your fresh new chapter.

Finally, according to tradition, we should avoid using a nail and hammer after sunset. This isn't for your neighbors' benefit, but a way to avoid waking up the tree gods. What a shame, DIY will have to wait til the morning...

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