Moving home on the 30th August? Have a rethink

The last day of August is predicted to be the busiest day to move in 2019 – and therefore the most disaster-prone

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Planning on moving this summer? You're one of the majority of people who choose to move house during the warmer months, with more than 12 per cent of all house moves during the past 10 years happening in the month of August*. 

This year, the most popular day to move home is expected to be 30th August, with approximately 6,500 moves – more than three times the national average number of moves per day.  

What could possibly go wrong if you are planning to move on the busiest moving day of the year? Not to be too scaremongering but... quite a lot. For one, more issues with transfers with funds happen on Fridays – particularly if the transfer is scheduled for Friday afternoon. Even a short delay could result in the new home owner being stranded without keys over the weekend. 

In fact, one in five homeowners (19 per cent) who bought their home between 2016 and 2018 experienced moving day delays because the sellers vacating their homes were late, or the funds weren't cleared on time.

The other potential issue with moving on a busy day is problems with removals companies. They are likely to be booked up well in advance, and charge you more for a popular moving time. 

The solution? The most obvious is choosing a different date to move. If at all possible, try not to move during August – even moving in early September will take the pressure off. If you can't and have to move out of your current place before then, consider moving mid-week instead of the Friday. And if you have to move on a Friday, insist that all money transfers are completed before lunchtime. 

*data analysis by HomeOwners Alliance 

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