Keep your home cool with the new Velux Active app from Netatmo

Hate coming home from work to a boiling hot house in this heatwave? Open your windows or draw your blinds while you're out with the new temperature regulating app

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We've all come home after a long day to a house that is stuffy and overheated, with all the windows having been shut for the day – especially in the past couple of weeks. If only someone could have opened them up half an hour before you got home! 

Now, your windows can be opened and closed with the brand new home technology app, Velux Active with Netatmo. It will automatically open and close roof windows for you as needed, as well as controlling shutters and awning blinds. The app is compatible with Velux Integra® electrical roof windows and manual roof windows upgraded with a solar motor. It can be controlled from an Apple iPhone or Android phone, and you can also use it via the Apple Home app. 

'Velux Active with Netatmo is the result of two stunning technologies: high standard Velux windows and Netatmo’s know-how for creating simple and useful products and applications. By automating the opening, closing and shading of roof windows, we can make a big difference and improve the indoor climate so users don’t have to worry about it. We created a smart sensor-based solution that is not only easy to use and reliable, but also beneficial for users' wellbeing,' says Fred Potter, founder and CEO of Netatmo.

A fresher, cooler home at a click from your phone? Bring it on, we say, especially in this heatwave! 

(Image: © Velux)