Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry admits she hates the modern farmhouse style - we ask experts if it's had its day

Is modern farmhouse dead?

modern farmhouse kitchen with exposed brick
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Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry has been shareing her home build on Instagram - and we've been following every step. While posting clips and updates from her 5,000 square-foot home in Middletown, Delaware, the author and podcaster revealed she's not such a fan of the modern farmhouse style.

Could this down-to-earth, Fixer Upper-famous design style be on its way out? Modern yet rustic farmhouse living room ideas have been incredibly popular for years, and for good reason. But could we be moving onto pastures new?

modern farmhouse style living room with white sofa

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From stakes in the ground showing where the front door will go to mapping out the kitchen island, we've seen Kailyn Lowry bring her home to life. In a Q&A on Instagram one of her 4 million followers asked if she'd be going for the farmhouse style.

'Absolutely not,' she replied. 'I mean no offense to anyone who likes farmhouse, but I hate it.' Guessing she won't be designing a farmhouse kitchen, then...

Kailyn Lowry goes on to say she's hoping to create a home that doesn't look like everyone else's, with more of an 'edge' to it. We asked custom builders from Austin, Texas for their thoughts.

Kailyn Lowry from Teen Mom

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Is modern farmhouse style dead?

'We’re starting to see a shift in our designs with clients away from the historically “modern” farmhouse to a more Scandinavian farmhouse,' says Texas Hill Country Builder. 'There is certainly some overlap in design - high pitched roofs, large black windows - but we’re seeing more contemporary eaves, lighter color roofs, and more masonry and stucco exteriors.'

The custom builders add that in terms of interiors, they're noticing more stained cabinets over the popular stark-white cabinets and much less shiplap all around. It sounds a lot like modern farmhouse is getting an industrial makeover.

Modern farmhouse style is traditionally defined by bright and airy rooms in neutral tones, with plenty of natural elements like rustic beams, exposed stone and brick - and some obligatory shiplap.

modern farmhouse kitchen with black table

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We love it because it harks back to a simpler time. Rooted in history, it has a nostalgic feel, while also being highly functional with simple floor plans and little fuss.

Kitsch wooden signs, cow-themed decor and too much galvanized metal have had their day. However, many elements of modern farmhouse style are timeless. 

Natural materials, neutral schemes and uncluttered living room ideas will never lose their appeal. But we think a more colorful, modern and industrial iteration is starting to emerge.

We can't wait to see what Kailyn Lowry does next as her renovation progresses towards its final stages. 

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