The noughties trend Joanna Gaines is bringing back

Fixer Upper star Joanna Gaines incorporated a surprising wall feature into a recent renovation

stylish modern bedroom with exposed brick wall from Fixer Upper: Welcome Home
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For some, exposed brick conjures up a contemporary Brooklyn loft apartment, while others are transported to a stressful home renovation, leaving you sleeping on your best mattress in a disheveled bedroom. In a recent episode of Fixer Upper: Welcome Home titled 'Mediterranean Money Pit,' Jo demonstrates that when done right, it can really tell a story.

Exposed brick walls aren't for everyone, but in the right building, they can add a whole load of warmth, texture and charm. We're not the only ones who think so - according to I Want Wallpaper, brick-effect paper is having a renaissance, with searches jumping by 190% last month.

exterior of Mediterranean Money Pit, a stylish Med-style villa with trees in front of it

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Whether the real thing or a clever wallpaper, exposed brick is a feature wall design idea that complements both an industrial or farmhouse style. When it came to Fixer Upper clients Christina and David's Mediterranean-style home, Chip and Jo decided to bring some of the exposed stone from the outside of the building inside.

It becomes a consistent thread running through the home, appearing in the living room, bedroom and exterior. As well as creating a sense of cohesion throughout the property, the exposed brick went down well with its owners. 

'Look at that wall!' Christina exclaims as they see the finished bedroom for the first time. 'We loved the rock so much on the outside that we thought, let's do it inside,' explains Jo.

bedroom with exposed brick wall from Fixer Upper: Welcome Home

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While noughties-style exposed brick isn't the first thing that comes to mind when planning out possible bedroom ideas, it works brilliantly in this space. Jo has paired the exposed brick with plenty of sumptuous textures in similar tones. 

Note the large rug beneath the bed effectively mirroring the brick wall, the textured throw pillow cover and bamboo blinds. 

This bold design choice – along with hand-painted tiles in the bathroom and terracotta tones in the flooring – honors the style of the home. Chip and Jo have worked with existing features, rather than against them.

living room with exposed brick wall from Fixer Upper: Welcome Home

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Brick wall-effect wallpapers are a convenient way of trying out the trend, without any of the mess, potential DIY drama and endless dust. Is there a wall in your home that could be given a makeover? 

The exposed brick effect adds depth and character - and as long as you add in lots of tactile materials, those memories of dusty brick walls from past renovations won't resurface.

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