Insta’s most stylish playmat is now at John Lewis – and grown-ups want one, too

Snap up these fab designs. They’re safe and comfy for little ones, plus they’ll make your room look great

Totter and Tumble playmat
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The playmat that’s become an Instagram hit has just landed at John Lewis, and it’s so stylish it won’t just be those with young kids who want one. The Totter + Tumble playmat is an Insta favourite with parents sharing images of their baby and toddler-friendly designs keeping their little ones happy – and winning points in the style stakes.

Playmats aren’t generally renowned for their looks, but these pull it off. The three reversible designs on offer at John Lewis feature pleasing patterns in gorgeous colourways that complete a room scheme as fabulously as any rug you’d select.

The mats are, of course, safe and supportive. Made from sealed, antibacterial and waterproof memory foam, they provide a forgiving surface for little ones through stages from tummy time, to sitting unaided, to first steps. And as followers of the latest nursery ideas, we can see them sitting stylishly in so many spaces.

The robust playmats are comfortable for grown-ups playing with kids, too. But even those who don’t have little ones have fallen for the cushioned mats, which are great for practising yoga and Pilates, or simply as surfaces to walk over (plus they’re forgiving if you’re prone to dropping things).

You can choose from three fabulous playmat designs at John Lewis. The Mariner and Roamer Reversible Playmat has a scalloped pattern in sea greens and blue with the reverse featuring all over diamond chevrons in a warm grey.

We love our spots. Matching and all dressed in our comfies for a rainy day 🌧🌧🌧 Riley

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Or go for the Scout and Wanderer Reversible Playmat with an abstract dotty design that can complement your room scheme and help keep baby’s focus and attention. There’s a fresh vintage pattern on a light green-grey background on the other side.

Like a nature-inspired finish? Go for the Rambler and Globe Trotter Reversible Playmat with a botanical print on a sage green background. The reverse has a minimal diamond pattern in warm grey with off-white tones, inspired by North African Kilim rugs.

The playmats are available in two sizes: standard is 210 x 140cm, and compact 185 x 125cm. Both are 1.3cm in depth.

Totter + Tumble Scout and Wanderer Reversible Playmat, Standard | £140 at John Lewis

Totter + Tumble Scout and Wanderer Reversible Playmat, Standard | £140 at John Lewis

Opt for the combination of abstract spots and subtle geometrics with this playmat. Made from high quality phthalate- and lead-free PVC, this durable design is certified as safe for newborns. It’s easy to care for, too. Just wipe down with a gentle cleaning solution. 

Totter + Tumble Mariner and Roamer Reversible Playmat, Compact | £125 at John Lewis

Totter + Tumble Mariner and Roamer Reversible Playmat, Compact | £125 at John Lewis

At 185 x 125cm this compact size mat will fit smaller spaces. It still has 1.3cm of squishy memory foam for babies, tots, and you to enjoy, and teams a scalloped motif on one side with diamond chevrons on the reverse.

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