Ikea garden furniture that you can totally customise for your space? Yes, please

This modular Ikea garden furniture allows you to completely customise your seating set up – we're obsessed

Ikea garden furniture: modular furniture
(Image credit: Ikea)

Whether you're working with an awkwardly shaped space, have a layout idea for your garden furniture that no retailer seems to have manufactured, or simply want a more flexible approach to outside seating, this Ikea garden furniture will work for you. It's modular, it's flexible, it's just-how-you-like-it.

Of course, we're slightly obsessed with the idea of modular garden furniture we can arrange and rearrange to suit our constant need to give spaces new looks (side effect of this job, innit) and have already planned at least six different arrangements for this sofa set-up, but there's a practical reason to go for modular furniture: you can change it to suit the occasion, too. Need separate seats for you and the kids? Done. Got all your mates round for afternoon tea and want a sociable L-shaped set up? Done.

Don't worry, we've shared some of our favourite scenarios below to inspire you.

Ikea garden furniture

(Image credit: Ikea)

Thanks to its clever modular design, the Solleron range from Ikea (above) can be designed to suit your specific needs and to perfectly match the shape of your garden. You could opt for an L-shape, or horseshoe shape if space is at a premium, or keep things a little more straightforward by styling these modular units to form a two, three or four seater sofa. The choice is yours.

Ikea garden furniture

(Image credit: Ikea)

So how does it work? Well, Ikea are selling the Solleron in different sections for easy customisation. Combine the One Seat Section, £95, Corner Section, £130, and Stool, £60, to achieve your ideal finish. Then, top with Froson cushions to complete the look and create a comfy place to soak up the summer sun.

We've established that it's super practical, but what we love even more is just how flippin' stylish it is. With an on-trend rattan finish, this garden furniture is giving us all the boho, Ibiza vibes. Style with delicate garden lighting and plenty of throws to keep you cosy when the sun goes down, and you're away. Happy days.

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