I bought an air purifier, and now my bedroom is as fresh as a daisy

I've finally bought an air purifier after months of hesitation; here's how I got on with it

Phillips 2000i connected air purifier
(Image credit: Argos)

So, I've recently bought an air purifier. I'd thought about getting one for a good few months, on and off, until one day a few weeks ago I finally ordered one after being woken up by poor air quality in my bedroom. 

I'll say outright that I'm not a major allergy sufferer, nor suffer from a serious condition like asthma. The problem that made me buy an air purifier was a bit different – overall bad air and occasional unpleasant wafts that can be the downside of living in an old house. To be clear, this wasn't a damp/mould problem, and I already own a dehumidifier; my goal was fresher, cleaner-smelling air for a nicer sleeping environment.  

Phillips 2000i air purifier in use

(Image credit: Anna Cottrell)

After doing lots of research, I settled on the Philips Series 2000i Connected Air Purifier. I found the design more attractive than most air purifiers – let's face it, these aren't the best-looking appliances, and I was planing on keeping mine in the bedroom, so wanted something reasonably streamlined that wouldn't disrupt by bedroom decor too much. 

The other feature that made me gravitate towards this particular model was the brand's promise that the purifier would reduce VOCs in the air. VOCs, that is Volatile Organic Compounds, are responsible for bad smells like smoke and burnt food, and I was hoping that the carbon filter in the Phillips purifier would at least reduce the unpleasant smell that sometimes enters my bedroom.

The Series 2000i also has a dedicated sleep mode, which not all Phillips air purifiers do. I tried comparing the decibels on the lowest settings between different models, but, in the end, had more confidence in a sleep mode setting. I'm a light sleeper and knew that I wouldn't be able to sleep with a loud fan noise on (a problem I've had with Dyson products).

Phillips 2000i air purifier in use

(Image credit: Anna Cottrell)

My verdict? There's a lot I really like about this air purifier and that makes it totally worth the investment. Firstly, the design: I was pleasantly surprised by how sleek and unobtrusive this purifier is after unpacking. I no longer even notice that it's in my bedroom – the curved edges definitely help. 

The Series 2000i is very easy to put together (took me five minutes) and operate. You can connect it to an app on your phone, which I'll admit I haven't tried yet, but the control panel is very simple to operate, with three main modes: allergies (this is the default mode), virus and bacteria, and general house mode. There is something very satisfying about the device detecting the air quality and then watching the number go down ('one' is the cleanest air), and the light going from red to purple to blue. 

Phillips 2000i air purifier in use

(Image credit: Anna Cottrell)

I'm also delighted with the sleep mode: the first time I turned it on, I had to walk up to the purifier to make sure I hadn't turned it off, it's that quiet. I have had it on the whole night and couldn't hear a thing.

Has it completely solved the smell issue? Not really – but then I knew that air purifiers can't completely eliminate odours. However, whenever I have in on for a good few hours and then walk into my bedroom, the air does smell noticeably fresher. I suspect that the Phillips will come into its own next summer, when rooms get stuffier and dustier.

So, if you're already thinking of getting an air purifier, I can definitely recommend the Phillips: it works well, is very easy to operate, and looks good. I would wait until Black Friday to get it, though, because the regular price, at £420, is steep. There will be offers on this one in the Argos Black Friday sale or the John Lewis Black Friday sale in a couple of weeks' time.

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