How to make a mug brownie in the microwave – dessert in under five minutes

Discover how to make a mug brownie in minutes – this gooey, chocolatey dessert is exactly what we need

how to make a mug brownie
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Want to know how to make a mug brownie? If you haven't seen someone making a mug brownie somewhere on the internet, we're not quite sure where you've been. But, it's okay, there's always time to learn!

This simple and deliciously gooey mug brownie requires minimal ingredients and can be prepared in the microwave in under five minutes. The perfect desert for a night in? We think so. And when you're done, serve with cream, ice cream, fresh fruit, salted caramel sauce or whatever else you haver to hand.

Follow the steps below, then find more recipe ideas and inspiration over on our food hub page.

How to make a mug brownie


  • Plain flour, five tablespoons
  • Sugar, three tablespoons
  • Cocoa powder, two tablespoons
  • Melted butter, two tablespoons
  • Milk, two tablespoons


1. Place all of your ingredients in your mug and combine thoroughly. Yep, that means getting right to the bottom to ensure everything is combined properly.

2. Place your mug in the microwave and cook for approximately a minute and a half.

3. Remove from the microwave and leave to stand for a couple of minutes.

4. Top with cream, ice cream, fresh fruit, salted caramel, or whatever you have to hand.