How to make a bird feeder: an easy job for the whole family

Find out how to make a bird feeder using materials you already have at home and watch the birds feast all summer long

how to build a bird feeder
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Want to know how to make a bird feeder using materials you already have at home? While there are lots of stylish bird feeders to buy online, you may want a fun DIY project with the kids instead. 

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This is the simplest method for making a bird feeder we've seen – it's by the educational organisation Eco Sapien and can be viewed as a step-by-step on YouTube.

How to make a bird feeder

To build a bird feeder you will need:


1. To build the bird feeder, make four holes in the plastic bottle, large enough to slide your sticks through – two at the bottom of the feeder, and two slightly higher up. Begin by pricking the surface of the bottle with the drawing pin; then insert the scissors and make the holes larger by twisting. 

2. Make the perches: push the sticks through the holes: you now have four perches ready. 

3. Make six more holes in the bottle: four holes just above the perches, wide enough for birds' beaks to fit through, which will be around eight millimetres. Push the scissors through, twist, then cut to the desired diameter. Then make two small holes at the top of the bottle, wide enough for the garden twine.

4. Thread a piece of garden twine through the top holes.

5. Pour in the bird feed. Close the lid. Now your bird feeder is ready to hang from a tree branch.

Note: please ensure that children are supervised at all times if you're taking this DIY project on together.