Houses for sale under £100,000? Yes, you can, in these towns

Family houses for sale under £100,000 with three or more bedrooms still exist – you just need to know where to look

Houses for sale under £100K
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Thought houses for sale under £100K were a thing of the past? One of the biggest challenges of raising a family is finding somewhere big enough to live that's affordable, too. Many young families are moving out of London and other big cities in search of affordable multi-bedroom houses that will accommodate them and their kids. 

However, it seems that, despite the growing housing costs across the UK, there are still places where you can buy a family home for less than £100,000 (no, we can't quite believe it either). So where are these towns?

Unsurprisingly, most of the towns and cities where a family home can be purchased for under £100,000 within a five-mile radius of the city centre are up North. Liverpool has the widest choice of family homes within this price bracket, with 628 homes under £100,000 currently on the market. Rotherham, in South Yorkshire, also offers a great choice of affordable properties (449), and many other northern cities, from Newcastle to Leeds, and from Sheffield to Bradford, have over 200 affordable family homes on offer.

And if you're in the South? Unfortunately, the news isn't great if you're after a cheap family home in the vicinity of a town centre. Only Exeter currently has multi-bedroom properties on offer that cost less than £100,000, and there are only 23 of them. London, Bath, Brighton, Bristol and Cambridge have none. 

Sam Mitchell, CEO of Housesimple, who compiled the data, comments, 'Even with the challenges and uncertainty surrounding Brexit, we are seeing healthy levels of interest from buyers in northern regions, keen to take advantage of attractively priced properties, affordable mortgage rates and stable local economies.

'Buying the family home is the biggest purchase most of us will ever make. The struggles families have faced buying a house in the South have been well documented. Compared to the South, there is substantial value to be found in property markets in regions such as the North West and Yorkshire.

'Although £100,000 is at the lower end of the market, there are also plenty of substantial family houses at prices around £300,000 to £400,000, that would probably be £1m plus in and around London, and unaffordable to the majority of families there.'

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