Here's why mattress protectors save you money and combat allergies

Why buy a mattress protector? These are the benefits, and you might be pretty shocked by some of them

Emma SmartSleeve mattress protector
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Do you really need a mattress protector? Having already spent a load of money on a new mattress, the extra spend on a protector can seem unnecessary. You may be tempted to just do without one – after all, your mattress is already covered with a sheet, right? 

Well, if you knew how many millions of bacteria live in your mattress, you'd reconsider. Sleeping on a mattress without a protector means all your dead skin cells and sweat will be sinking pretty much directly into your mattress. Gross but true. 

There are more reasons to use a mattress protector than hygiene, though. These are the reasons you need one you may not have heard of. 

1. A protector prolongs the lifespan of your mattress

We all know that mattress protectors are used for hygiene reasons, but did you know that using one can actually help your mattress last longer? The fact is, when you just cover your mattress with a sheet, the top your mattress will start pilling over time. Yes, we know, a high-quality mattress cover fabric shouldn't pill, but they all do, eventually. In fact, the higher quality the fabric (especially if it's natural), the more it will wear. 

2. A mattress protector will reduce allergies

If you have sensitive, allergic skin, and you keep getting itchy, red, or hot skin when lying in bed, it could be the dust mites in your mattress. They are in every single mattress; even if yours looks clean, they're in there. Because of how mattress protectors are made, there's a lot less moisture within them, which makes them less hospitable to dust mites. And because they're washable, you'll be regularly getting rid of the mites that do get in. Tip? Put them on a 60ºC wash to be sure of killing the dust mites. Find more ways of getting rid of dust mites in our guide.

3. A mattress protector can make your mattress more comfortable

This may sound unlikely – after all, a mattress protector is just a thin layer. However, higher quality, quilted mattress protectors made from cotton (not polyester) can improve the comfort of your mattress, as well as enhancing breathability, meaning you'll feel cooler at night. 

4. A mattress protector will help protect the warranty on your mattress

Not many people know this, but if there's a stain on your mattress, the warranty is no longer valid. Even if the problem with mattress has nothing to do with its cover, the manufacturer will still refuse to replace a stained mattress. Find out about cleaning a mattress if you've had a spill in our guide.

5. Your bedlinen will last longer, too

What has a mattress protector got to do with the condition of your sheets? Basically (we've tried and tested this ourselves), you are using more of the depth of your fitted sheet when fitting it over a protector or topper, which means less fabric movement. Less movement means less friction, and wear.