Green Monday: where to get the best deals and discounts

Green Monday is today, folks, and may well be the last chance to do your Christmas shopping at huge discounts

Green Monday sales
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Did the whole Black Friday shopping craziness pass you by? That may well be best for your wallet, but probably not best for ticking off that list of Christmas presents. Fortunately, Green Monday is here, and it may well be the last chance you'll get to get all those Christmas presents at discounted prices. 

What is Green Monday? Basically, think a smaller-scale Black Friday, held on the second Monday of December – the date makes sense, since many of us begin shopping for Christmas in earnest around this time in December. We've had a look at what some of the biggest retailers were offering, and, actually, we're pretty impressed. 

'Do I really need to whip out my credit card right now? Can't it wait until later in the week'? We reckon there'll still be some deals throughout the week, but the huge discounts we're seeing today probably won't be around later in the week. So, if you've seen something you were planning to get, Green Monday is probably your best bet. 

Here's a rundown of where best to start your Green Monday shopping:

Macy's (opens in new tab) are offering up to 30 per cent off everything from clothing to bedding and beauty.

Gap (opens in new tab) have up to 50 per cent off. 

Ebay (opens in new tab) have huge discounts of up to 40 per cent on Dyson vacuum cleaners, slow cookers, and lots of other stuff. 

Sears (opens in new tab) aren't taking part in Green Monday, but there are tons of pre-Christmas discounts on everything you could possibly need to buy before the festive season really kicks off.

Target (opens in new tab): save up to 50 per cent on electronics, kitchen buys and more. Incredible!

Walmart (opens in new tab) aren't doing Green Monday, but they are offering up to 40 per cent off as part of their 12 days of Christmas event. 

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