Flour: where to buy flour – these retailers have stock + many can deliver

Wondering where to buy flour? We've tracked down the stores with stock available online and tips on where to find in store

flour: where to buy flour
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Want to know where to buy flour? You're not the only one. Since the outbreak of coronavirus, we've seen a rapid increase in demand for a variety of household essentials. First it was hand wash, then toilet roll, then pasta and now flour. And while we will admit that getting your hands on flour certainly isn't exactly simple, there are still a few retailers with the ingredient in stock – and we've listed them below.

It's not been an easy find, believe us! But we'll admit that we do kind of get a kick out of this kind of riveting research and so we've done the legwork for you. Look no further as these stores below will have your baking/pasta making cupboard stocked up in no time. (Tip: your supermarket shelves may be sold out, but often corner shops are a great source, too.) 

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These retailers have flour in stock. Click the links to shop straight away

  • British Corner Shop: plenty of stock with short delivery times
  • Amazon: buy flour in bulk at reasonable prices
  • Tesco: organic flour is currently available 
  • Holland & Barrett: shop for flour alternatives including buckwheat flour, almond flour and more
  • Ebay: many independent sellers have taken their flour stocks online

Flour for sale

Doves Farm Organic Plain White Flour | £2.39 at British Corner Shop
This is one of the only places we've managed to find plain flour in stock, so if you want to get your hands on some you'll need to be quick.View Deal

Hobbs House Bakery Organic Self Raising Flour | £5.06 at British Corner Shop
Want you bakes to have a bit of rise? Good job we've found some self raising flour in stock...View Deal

Hobbs House Bakery Premium Strong White Flour | £3.00 at British Corner Shop
An essential for baking bread and pizza dough, this is the only place we've found with strong white flour in stock. But chances are stocks won't last for long.View Deal

Hobbs House Bakery Strong Wholemeal Bread Flour | £3.00 at British Corner Shop
Prefer a wholemeal loaf? You'll be knocking them up in no time once you have your hands on this bread flour.View Deal

Doves Farm Gluten Free White Self Raising Flour | £3.39 at British Corner Shop
Gluten free? You're in luck, because British Corner Shop have gluten free self raising flour in stock. You'll be whipping up baked good in no time.View Deal

Allinson Strong White Bread Flour 1.5Kg | £2.00 at Tesco
Yes! We've found flour, but we can't guarantee a delivery slot. Perfect for baking bread, as well as pizza dough, this strong white bread flour is unlikely to be around for long. So, if you shop at Tesco and have a regular delivery slot, best to get it in your basket before it's too late.View Deal

Heygates Culinary Flour 16kg | £14.99 at Amazon
You asked for flour and we delivered. This 16kg wholesale bag of flour is just what you need to ensure you don't run out anytime soon. Perfect for pastry, biscuits, cake and bread you'll be baking before you know it. Available in 100% recyclable packaging, you won't have to worry about impacting the Earth. Plus, delivery times aren't too bad compared with some that we've seen.View Deal

Country Range Self Raising Flour 16kg | £15.99 at Amazon
Another one for the bulk buyers, this 16kg wholesale bag of self raising flour is retailing at a pretty impressive price and promises to keep your pantry stocked up for the foreseeable future.View Deal

Holland & Barrett Buckwheat Flour 500g | £2.69 at Holland & Barrett
A great alternative to traditional flour, buckwheat flour is naturally gluten free and is perfect for pancakes, pasta, cakes and more.View Deal

Holland & Barrett Brown Rice Flour 500g | £2.69 at Holland & Barrett~
Another alternative to traditional flour, rice flour is perfect for making puddings, baked goods and can ever be used to create tiger bread's signature stripes.View Deal

Retailers with flour in stock

If you're shopping in store, we'd recommend seeking out small independent shops – Turkish and Lebanese supermarkets have proven particularly successful in our experience – rather than relying on large supermarkets to provide.

If you're shopping online, we'd recommend giving the following retailers a try:


Amazon has a vast range of flours on sale, from plain flour to self-raising, to gluten-free to coconut flour... you imagine it, they (more or less) sell it. The trick is to find some that's in stock. We found this plain flour available for delivery; self-raising flour is also available from a Kosher brand. Stock at Amazon is ebbing and flowing, though, like everywhere else, so watch for delivery lead times for each product PLUS price hikes.


For the lower prices you'd expect from a supermarket, Asda has flour at the moment including they do still have McDougalls 00 Grade Premium Plain Flour, £1.79 in stock as well as Homepride Self Raising Flour, £1.50. There is a wait on delivery as these slots have been reserved for the more vulnerable but click and collect is an option. There is a £3 charge on click and collect orders under £25.View Deal


Sainsbury's has got loads of flour available right now. However, getting a delivery slot is not easy, to help the vulnerable. However, there is a click and collect service – which is a surer way to get what you want than trying your local store for luck.View Deal


Tesco's flour stocks are pretty depleted at the moment although there is some availability online. Getting a delivery slot is another matter, but choose click and collect and you can sometimes even get it same day.View Deal

Sous Chef 

Sous Chef are offering a whole variety of different flours! Let's face it, being cooped up indoors kind of has forced us to put our chef hats on and experimenting with baking and cooking is one of the most exciting things to do. Sous Chef offers everything from gluten free to this Mulino Marino Organic Flour 1kg, £4.50 (which is ideal for making ciabatta, pizza and pasta). UK Delivery is £3.99 and there is a ton of other stuff on their site to revamp your kitchen and pantry. NB: it's definitely on the pricey side.View Deal

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