These family-friendly suburbs are where everyone is moving to post pandemic

If you're planning a family move, check out these suburbs perfect for families

Daytime view of the downtown public Civic Center area of El Monte, California, USA
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If you're planning a move as a family, these family-friendly suburbs are the best in the country, according to recent research by

Suburbs are having a real revival in the pandemic era, with more and more families choosing a quieter life away from major cities, and more affordable property that offers more space that's available away from the biggest metropolitan areas. According to, 'those fun urban locations seem a lot less fun these days, and having more space indoors and out became more appealing to everyone, especially those with kids.' These are the top suburbs families should keep in mind for affordability, amenities, and a good quality of life.

1. Denville, NJ

No one will be surprised that New Jersey is a good place to move if you're tired of NYC with its exhorbitant home prices and a relentless pace of life. Like many small places that have become popular with ex-New Yorkers, the pretty little town offers high-quality restaurants, boutique shops, and even a family-owned ice cream dairy that has been in the town for over 50 years. 

2. El Monte, CA

Daytime view of the downtown public Civic Center area of El Monte, California, USA

(Image credit: Matt Gush / Alamy Stock Photo)

Again, California is one of those places where you're spoiled for choice of small, perfectly formed suburban towns that are great for raising a family. El Monte is packed with family-friendly activities, including museums and an aquatic center. It's also very affordable, with a three-bedroom home priced at $550,000, despite the fact that it's right outside Los Angeles. 

3. Libertyville, IL

Libertyville, Illinois

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Those in the Mid-West will want to take a good look at this super-pretty town just north of Chicago. Lake Michigan is very close, as are numerous kids' activities at the local Adler Arts Center. It's not just for kids, though – the downtown area has plenty of bars and restaurants for those much-needed date nights for the parents. 

4. Coppell, TX

Two Texan towns make it into Realtor's top five, which is impressive. Coppell is only a half hour's drive from Dallas, but it couldn't feel more different. The big draw is the Coppell Nature Park, which has an educational porgram in biodiversity and countless walking trails to enjoy nature as a family. There's also a local arts center that has events for the whole family. 

5. Tomball, TX

Boy jumps off swing in his backyard, Tomball, Texas

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The idyllic Tomball concludes the top five list, and it's fully deserving of its place. Tomball is something of an anomaly – it is small, but it has all of the things you'd normally expect from a metropolitan area. There's plenty of shopping and eating out opportunities, and even a German Christmas market. Good schools also make is a big draw for families, and the town is expected to double in population in the next seven years. 

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