I'm a fragrance expert, and these are the Christmas reed diffusers I love from my favorite brands

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Nest New York Birchwood Pine Christmas reed diffuser with candle and boxes
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If you haven't already guessed, I am obsessed with reed diffusers. I always make sure to have one in each room in my home as it's an effortless way to scent a space without having to keep an eye on a flame. Plus, you can switch up your fragrance depending on the season. This makes reed diffusers ideal for Christmastime — and beyond — and even better for gifting.

If you're still looking for a winter fragrance to bring the festive cheer, then this is your sign to buy a Christmas reed diffuser. Whether you're spending the holidays at your own place or going to your parents, these will impress, trust me. Not only do I own four of the diffusers I'm shouting about, but I've also only listed my three absolute favorite home fragrance brands so that you know you're buying from a quality brand. Some can be delivered fast (and before Christmas) so don't procrastinate gift shopping any longer. You'll thank me later.

1. The White Company (opens in new tab)

The White Company screams elegance, and if you want a reed diffuser to gift to someone you love, this is where you should go. Its diffusers are scented using high-quality oils and come contained in a glass vessel with rattan sticks. Just bear in mind you can't get refills, but they do last for a while. You can also recycle a majority of the vessels.

2. Nest New York (opens in new tab)

I LOVE Nest New York fragrances, not just its diffusers but its candles, too. The brand gets bonus points for being cruelty-free, and its holiday collection definitely hasn't disappointed this year. These diffusers aren't just incredibly scented but their vessels are something to look at, too. They come with stoppers so that you can choose when you want to use the fragrance, and the packaging is recyclable. Unfortunately, you can only get refills of certain scents. They're all 5.9 fl. oz. in size and come with black rattan sticks.

3. P.F. Candle Co. (opens in new tab)

This is a brand loved by our editor. To put it simply: P.F. Candle Co. scents are to-die-for. The diffusers and candles come in a range of vessel types, and while they don't do any Christmas-specific fragrances, there are some that we love using from December through to March.

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