Hey Bachelor Nation! 'The Bachelor' mansion is now on Airbnb

The Bachelor mansion is available to rent (long-stemmed red roses not included), and we know where our first post-Covid vacation is going to be...

The Bachelor mansion
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The jaw-dropping mansion that has been used to house the long-running The Bachelor and The Bachelorette reality TV series is officially open for off-screen visitors to spend the night. The 10,000 square foot home in Agoura Hills, California has just been listed on Airbnb—and is set to go for approximately $6K a night for up to 13 guests at a time.

Whether you’ve dreamt of becoming the next Bachelorette or you just watch the show for the eye-candy (see: sprawling California real estate and wildly attractive house guests), there’s no denying the appeal of this piece of reality TV history.

Villa de la Vina, or better known as The Mansion, is set on a sprawling 10-acre property within the Santa Monica Mountains near Malibu—which means that the natural splendor will be just as impressive as the reality TV history brimming in and outside of its walls.

With over 20,000 square feet of outdoor space, including a one-of-a-kind pool, two Jacuzzis, romantic archways, and lush greenery, the 200-year-old Mediterranean-style home is sure to suit both fans of the reality show and anyone looking for a socially distanced getaway in the sun.

The Mansion features seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and sleeping arrangements that can comfortably fit over 13 guests at a given time—but there’s a catch. In the listing’s house rules, guests are absolutely prohibited from having parties and gatherings, filming, taking professional photos, or rearranging the furniture. The number of guests must be agreed upon in writing prior to check in and any additional visitors will be strictly prohibited as well.

According to a TODAY report, The Mansion is owned by Marshall Haraden, who lives in the sprawling estate with his wife and four kids for most of the year; moving out when the reality TV filming begins and back in once it wraps.

“When (the crew) comes, we move out for 42 days,” Haraden told TODAY in a 2017 interview. “Everything we own leaves the property and goes into storage.” Haraden also shared that The Bachelor isn’t the only show to film at his home. In fact, that sprawling mansion has also housed shows like thriller TV series Quantico and a variety of different TV commercials.

While it’s still unclear whether the Airbnb listing will be available for more than a couple of months (at present the booking availability span well into the latter part of 2021), and while there are no property or host reviews to date, the $6K/night escape is sure to impress any The Bachelor fan… or Mediterranean-inspired architecture aficionados. 

For more information on The Mansion or to book your own The Bachelor-inspired escape, be sure to visit the official Villa de la Vina Instagram or go straight to the official vacation property listing on Airbnb.

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