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Aldi is selling Insta-worthy house plants for just £2.69 each – BRB

The succulent and cacti range from Aldi will give any room in the house a quick update, for as little as £2

Aldi succulents
(Image credit: Aldi)

Aldi are launching their own range of succulents and cacti – the trendiest house plants to grace house proud Instagrammers' pages for many years now. Succulents are easy care and come in an amazing range of shapes and colours, making them attractive decorative elements for the home. 

Of course, succulents can be bought in any garden centre, but Aldi are being very clever about how they're selling theirs. Each plant comes in its own terracotta pot – much more attractive than the plastic pots that most house plants come in when you buy them. There will be six varieties of Cacti (Opuntia, Cereus, Pilocereus, Austrocephalocereus, Mammillaria or Notocactu) and five varieties of succulents (Crassula, Sedum, Portulacaria, Haworthia or Echeveria). The plants go on sale on the 23rd July and will cost just £2.69 each, including the pot. 

Caring for succulents and cacti couldn't be easier, and will especially suit people who tend to forget to water their house plants. Both types of plants originate in deserts and prefer dry air and infrequent watering. About every 10 to 14 days is enough watering for these plants that store water inside their juicy stems; if in doubt, always wait until the soil is completely dry before watering again.

Also remember to place your cacti in a sunny spot on a windowsill or in a conservatory: the more light they get, the more they thrive: you'll even see your cacti and succulents bloom every once in a while. 

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