5 things to paint that you didn't know would transform your home

A shortlist of things to paint right now that you have probably always ignored...

Things to paint this weekend that you didn't know would transform your home
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Looking for things to paint around your home? Forget just painting a wall, look elsewhere for parts of your home that usually go unnoticed – these can be the perfect places to add colour. We have rounded up some looks to get you inspired to think out of the box when it comes to painting, all are really quick and easy and some you can just do with a tester pot.

For more paint ideas, make sure you head over to our hub page,  there's plenty  of inspiration and practical advice over there. 

1. Paint your doors 

Bet you don't notice the backs of your doors all that much do you? Bet you would if you painted them in a glorious new colour though! Painting a door would be such a cute way to bring a bit of colour into your room, you wouldn't notice it when the doors were open and then close them and ooooh look at all that colour. We think it would look really cool if you have a landing with rooms going off it and painting all the doors a different colour. 

For all our tips on how to paint a door head to our guide. 

2. Paint your window frames

This has been a growing trend over the last few months and we reckon it might be the new feature wall – painting your window frames in a colour that makes them stand out. We do like a black window frame like the one above, but we have seen them painted with bolder colours too which looks just as cool.

Head to our guide to how to paint window frames if you want to copy this look. 

3. Paint your tiles 

Yep, you can paint tiles! So if yours are looking a bit worse for wear give them a go over with paint. We have seen it done well with bathroom paint (check out our pick of the best bathroom paints) but you can get tile paint that is designed specifically for the job. 

4. Paint your ceiling 

We focus so much on the colour of our four walls, you can easily forget the ceiling can be a great place to add colour. You can be bolder with your choices too as a ceiling isn't going to be as overwhelming, so go for something brave! We love this dark ceiling painted in Lick's Black 02, just the right amount of drama. 

5. Paint your skirting boards

Again, skirting boards are one of those things that you probably don't pay much attention too, but you can make them a proper feature in your room. Paint them in a colour that contrasts your walls to make them pop – this looks particularly good in a hallway where it's hard make anything exciting happen because it's usually such a small space. Love the pink and dark green in this kitchen though!

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