5 comfort food recipes to try – they're like a hug for your insides

These comfort food recipes are the soul soothing relief we all need right now. Find therapy in the kitchen by cooking up these wholesome meals

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These comfort food recipes might be just what you need if you're finding the state of the world a little overwhelming, right now. Particularly in light of the fact that we've got a Bank Holiday coming up, and the chances are that most of us won't be going particularly far. We're thinking of these dishes as the big hug we could probably all do with right now – and we're pretty sure that you will, too.

And just because we're calling these dishes comfort food, it doesn't necessarily mean that they're bad for you. In fact, many of the recipes you'll find below are homemade takes on our unhealthy favourites. Give them a go for a little light relief this weekend. They're all simple and deliver seriously delicious results.

When you're done, head over to our food hub for more recipe ideas and inspiration.

1. Make your own pizza with our simple recipe

How to make pizza dough

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If we had to choose a favourite comfort food, it would most definitely be pizza. The crispy dough, the rich tomato sauce, the melted cheese and the unlimited topping options make it super easy to please everyone. And pleased they (or you) will be when you serve up a delicious homemade pizza. 

Making pizza dough is easier than you might think and takes under fifteen minutes. From there you're free to top it with whatever you desire (FYI we're pro-pineapple here and proud) for a fraction of the price of ordering in.

2. Give these tasty burgers a go


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Not satisfied by pizza? Okay, we're bringing in the big guns. And by the big guns, we mean burgers. Another option that's really comforting if you're feeling a little glum, there are plenty of options available when it comes to preparing your dream burger. 

Personally, we love ours topped with cheese, avocado, tomato, onion, the works. But the choice is yours. Follow our guide to how to make burgers for simple instructions. If we have decent weather, they are perfect for popping on the barbie – see our best BBQs for the right tools.

3. Or have a go at the vegan alternative

ultimate vegan burger

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Not into meat? Good job we have a meat – and dairy – free option available for you. You can't say we don't think of everything...

Our vegan burger is prepared in minutes and can be topped with a tasty avocado relish, along with your favourite vegan cheese and plenty of salad to make it tasty.

4. Try this super comforting mac 'n' cheese

Macaroni cheese

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One of our favourite comfort foods, mac 'n' cheese is tasty, warming and super easy to eat. The good news is that it's also easy to prepare, which is just what you want to hear when you're in search of comfort foods. Eat it as it is, or top with hot sauce, bacon bits, crispy onions, or whatever else takes your fancy. It is also a good meal for hiding veggies in.

Check out our macaroni cheese recipe for easy to follow instructions.

5. Give this curry a go for an alternative to take away

lamb Rogan Josh recipe

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For some, comfort food means warm foods rich with spices. In which case, we don't think you can go wrong with a curry. And this lamb rogan josh is one of our favourites.

A great alternative to take away, it has the perfect balance of flavours and really showcases the beautiful texture of marinated lamb. A tasty weekend warmer that's sure to leave you feeling contented? We think so.

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