8 sustainable cleaning tools you need for an eco spring clean

The Real Homes guide on the best sustainable cleaning tools to buy for your home in 2021. Made from bamboo instead of plastic...

Sustainable cleaning tools: ARYA Eco Dish Brush Set
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Spring cleaning time is here, and if you are in need of all new sustainable cleaning tools then we can help expand your already impressive collection. We've found everything from bamboo squeegees to sustainable mops and even an eco-friendly dish brush set. Available to buy everywhere including Dunelm and Amazon. Shopping at these retailers should mean that you can enjoy your new cleaning tools sooner rather than later, with same-day delivery and click & collect options available, and we hope it helps you make the switch from using plastic products to bamboo buys.

Our Shopping Editor has rounded up the best eco-friendly cleaning buys on the web, so that you can clean with peace of mind. Wave goodbye to plastic mops and hello to eco-friendly alternatives. Also, sustainable cleaning tools are no longer an expensive buy – especially the ones we have listed below as prices start from £1.50.

Head to our dedicated eco page for more sustainable suggestions. 

10 sustainable cleaning tools to buy in 2021

Keep scrolling for our favourite sustainable cleaning tools on the web right now, and click through to buy them from either Dunelm or Amazon. 

1. Bamboo Window Squeegee – £1.50

Bamboo Window Squeegee | £1.50 at Dunelm
A window squeegee is something everyone needs in their cleaning tool cupboard, whether for their windows, their shower screen or for cleaning their floor tiles. This one has a bamboo handle to make it eco-friendly, while it has a hanging hook for storing. A bargain at £1.50, too.View Deal

2. Bamboo Chenille Duster – £2.50 at Dunelm

Bamboo Chenille Duster | £2.50 at Dunelm
For dusting your surfaces, bookcases, harder to reach corners and more, this bamboo duster can prove to be a more than handy addition to your cleaning cupboard. This one has a bamboo handle and is grey View Deal

3. Bamboo Chenille and Microfibre Mop – £6 at Dunelm

Bamboo Chenille and Microfibre Mop | £6 at Dunelm
If you are in need of a brand new mop and you want a non-plastic option, then this chenille one from Dunelm is your best bet. The mop itself is made of bamboo while it comes with two machine washable heads so as to cut down on waste. It's also thin so easy to store. The only issue that we can see is that it's not a spray mop. Just buy a bamboo spray bottle and fill it with your floor cleaner and spray yourself. Easy stuff.View Deal

4. ARYA Eco Dish Brush Set – £13.99 at Amazon

ARYA Eco Dish Brush Set | £13.99 at Amazon
This eco-friendly set comes complete with four brushes and a replacement head. All of the brushes are plastic-free and made from sustainably sourced plant-based materials, while they are all biodegradable for after use. Use them to clean everything from your dishes to your pans and your cups, and the bristles on these brushes are made of sisal, coconut and palm fiber to make them tough yet non-scratch.View Deal

5. JVL 20-305 Bamboo Dustpan and Bristle Brush Set - £9.52 at Amazon

JVL 20-305 Bamboo Dustpan and Bristle Brush Set | £10.99 £9.52 at Amazon
A dustpan and brush is something we all use on a regular basis around the home, whether that's to clean up dust you've found lingering around a table leg or to pick up some dropped food or mess from a pet. Since this is a cleaning tool you can't use forever, and it will need to be replaced after the bristles of your brush start going flat or the pan starts wearing out.View Deal

6. Bamboo Cotton Mop – £4 at Dunelm

Bamboo Cotton Mop | £4 at Dunelm
This mop is such a bargain at £4. It's handy to have for cleaning a bathroom – so that you don't mix mops – or even just for doing one specific job. You'll need to wring it before each use so that it doesn't soak your floors, but it is made of durable bamboo so even after throwing it away you needn't feel guilty on the environment.
View Deal

7. Bamboo Microfibre Duster – £3 at Dunelm

Bamboo Microfibre Duster | £3 from Dunelm
Great for cleaning dust and cobwebs from high corners, cupboards and surfaces in your home, this duster has a bamboo handle with a microfibre head. Just wipe it clean after each use and store it in your cleaning cupboard with ease using its hanging handle. View Deal

8. Bamboo Long Handle Dustpan and Brush – £8 at Dunelm

Bamboo Long Handle Dustpan and Brush | £8 at Dunelm
Another very easy and convenient switch to make, especially if your dustpan and brush is in need of a trip to the bin. Why not opt for a sustainable alternative? This one even has a longer handle so you needn't bend down to do the job.View Deal

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