Discover IDSystems' window glazing options for your kitchen extension

Take a look at how IDSystems' window glazing options can transform your home improvement project. Your guide to bi-fold, sliding, heritage, and slide-and-turn doors

IDSystems kitchen with dining table, light fixture and Vistaline glazed windows - one of the four window glazing options
(Image credit: IDSystems / Chris Taylor Photography)

Window glazing options are often an overlooked part of your kitchen extension. From aluminium sliding doors designed to create an almost unbroken wall of glass, to stackable slide-and-turn doors, and customizable bi-fold doors — there’s something for every home. 

With interior designers often dubbing the kitchen the heart of the home, it pays dividends to flood this space with natural sunlight and give it some architectural TLC.

For nearly 25 years, IDSystems has been manufacturing innovative and multi-award-winning glazed solutions. This includes end-to-end management of design, manufacture, supply, installation, and support. So you can rest assured, its experienced team will guide you through the entire planning process, wherever you are in the UK.

From eye-catching features to energy-efficient properties, discover how its doors open up a world of possibilities for your kitchen extension project.

IDSystems' window glazing options

Aluminium sliding doors

A modern kitchen installed with IDSystems' aluminium sliding doors

(Image credit: @thegreyhousestories / IDSystems / Chris Taylor Photography)

A popular choice, IDSystems' award-winning aluminium sliding doors offer the ultimate in modern design and functionality. These characteristics of the doors include slender frames, beautifully large glass panes, and exceptional performance, winning over the most discerning homeowners. Sightlines can be as narrow as 20mm, and individual panels up to 3m wide.

When open, they extend living areas onto patios and create a fluid entertaining space. They have surpassed bifold doors in popularity for various projects, whether it's replacing existing patio doors, incorporating them into kitchen extensions, or quite literally showing off your self-build in its best light. Both the EDGE 2.0 and Grand Slider II provide exceptional views of your garden, whether you want to keep an eye on the kids in the summer or watch the snowfall from a warm space in winter.

Unlike squeakily stiff or fragile patio doors of the past, these German-engineered running carriages open smoothly. And, the option to recess the tracks into the floor allows for a flush finish without compromising protection from quintessentially British wet and windy weather. 

Bi-fold doors

A large modern kitchen with island, bar stools, large round dining table and bi-fold doors - one of four window glazing options provided by IDSystems

(Image credit: IDSystems / Hawkeye Photography)

Many people assume that only large homes can have bi-folds fitted, but that’s simply not the case. They are an idyllic way to maximise space in a small kitchen. Aside from brightening up a meal-preparation zone, these aluminium or timber-clad doors can be installed inwards to accommodate courtyards and even apartment balconies. 

IDSystems can work with you to create a personalised design that can open both ways, to the left, right, or from the centre to each end. You can even add custom-made, cord or magnetic-controlled Venetian or pleated blinds for added privacy.

Bifolds also support energy efficiency reflect heat, reduce sun glare on sunny days, and help keep the cold out in winter — therefore reducing your energy bills.

Slide-and-turn doors

A modern dining area with hardwood flooring and slide-and-turn windows - one of the four window glazing options provided by IDSystems

(Image credit: IDSystems / Chris Taylor Photography)

Vistaline slide and turn doors (also known as slide and swing doors) are manufactured in the UK, with Swiss innovation. Unlike classic bi-folds, this product is made from individual, non-connected, stackable panels that completely open up the aperture of your home with unique, flipper seal technology. 

Choose from two single-glazed frameless glass partitions or a double-glazed, non-thermally broken option that also acts as a room divider. These very doors were selected as the ‘Best of the Best’ in the Let the Light in category of the Real Homes Awards 2021.

Heritage doors

A modern, open-plan home fitted with black-framed heritage doors - one of the window glazing options offered by IDSystems

(Image credit: IDSystems / Innovation Architecture / Insight Photographers)

By now you’ve realised doors aren’t just a swinging or sliding barrier between rooms. And, if you’re looking to amp up the style for your next gathering, opt for, steel-look heritage doors

Whether you choose a bifold, sliding, or French door configuration, these will give your space that sought-after look you might have seen on social media.

This Art-Deco style works particularly well in period homes but also bridges old and new in contemporary self-build properties. As well as black and grey powder-coated polyester finishes, you can choose from over 200 RAL colours. Dual and textured finishes are available too. 


Are patio doors and sliding doors the same?

For kitchen extensions and home improvement projects generally, the term patio doors has been used to cover a wide range of different product types, ranging from French doors to sliding doors covering a wide range of different manufacturers. 

Typically, the term has referred to smaller openings of under three metres and is a throwback to previous generations of uPVC or aluminium frames. To distinguish the latest technology and the most advanced design features (including thermally broken aluminium frames) the term sliding doors is now more typically used.

Do I need triple glazing for a kitchen extension?

The glazing specification required for an extension project will vary depending on the window glazing option you choose. 

Building Regulations Part L, which covers thermal efficiency standards, currently requires overall U-values of 1.4W/m²K for extension projects which can be achieved on IDSystems' range of doors using double glazing. 

Whilst triple glazing can offer more advanced levels of thermal performance it comes at a cost, both in terms of the initial price and the size of glazing that can be achieved, meaning you may need to compromise on the size of the panels if you opted for triple glazing.

Why choose IDSystems?

A detatched house installed with IDSystems sliding door window glazing option

(Image credit: IDSystems / Adam Knibb Architects / Martin Gardner Photography)

All of IDSystems' glazed windows are police-approved and prioritise security. They feature a continuous locking bar, a five-point mushroom bolt, a claw lock, an anti-lifting device, and a robust interlock between panels. So you don't have to choose between aesthetics or keeping your loved ones safe.

Contact IDSystems

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For more information about IDSystems’ range of award-winning glazed doors, visit, email your architect's drawings to, or, call 01603 408804.

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