I sceptically tried an Emma mattress protector and I'm obsessed – there's 56% off for Prime Day

The Emma mattress protector transformed the way I sleep forever, and prices start from £58.41 thanks to Prime Day

Emma mattress protector on bed
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Ahh, the Emma mattress protector. You've probably heard of it as it's one of the best mattress protectors out there. Not sure what we're talking about? I'm here to tell you why you need this mattress protector, whether you are currently sleeping on a cheap yet cheerful mattress or something you paid thousands of pounds for. Even more so since we spotted it on sale for Amazon Prime Day, with up to 56 per cent off. Right now, you can buy a King size Emma mattress protector for £64.31, instead of £74.69, and a Super King for £70.21 with £88.79 off. Don't miss this bargain as all deals finish at midnight.

Trust me when I say this protector can do its job, of protecting your mattress from spills and dirt, as well as much more. In fact, it's a great multifunctional buy for all types of sleepers. I sleep on my front, and I sleep next to a side sleeper – and we both love this protector.

Whether you are searching for a mattress protector to simply just do its job at shielding your luxurious mattress, or you want something with a slight cushion for added comfort – perhaps you have allergies so are after an allergy-safe protector? Keep reading for my opinion on the Emma mattress protector – and to find out why I would never buy a different protector ever again.

What made me try the Emma mattress protector?

Emma mattress protector

(Image credit: Emma)

I bought a basic IKEA mattress after moving out, as we all do when we are on a budget, and it's safe to say that it didn't take me long to realise it was a little harder than I thought it was when awkwardly laying on it in the shop. Obviously, I hadn't considered that show mattresses are sat on every day, several times a day so they are already broken in when you test them. Don't get me wrong: I love a firm mattress as much as the next person, but this was a tad too hard, even for a front sleeper. So, I went out to seek a mattress topper – or protector. This is when I found the Emma one, which, is technically a 2-in-1 topper and protector as it does both thanks to its cushioned top.

Why do I love the Emma mattress protector?

There are so many reasons why this mattress protector is worth shouting about but first let me just say although it's expensive, it's more than worth it. I've had it on my bed for the past three years and it doesn't look like it's going anywhere soon (I hope!). I also really realise the difference when I take it off for a night to wash and dry it, and it's really easy to put on a bed thanks to the elastic around the edges – it never moves an inch once put on tightly.

Other things I love about this mattress protector are that it's easy to wash – just throw it in your machine at 40º – and it's not noisy. By that I mean some toppers or protectors have plastic in them to protect your mattress, but when you move in the night you can hear this plastic crinkling. There's no noise, no popping off and generally just no fuss with this one. 

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