Fluffy and fabulous: 9 pretty pampas grass decor buys

Bring the outside in 🌾

A bouquet of colorful pampas grass and a white wreath
(Image credit: Amazon/Target)

Being a low-maintenance queen and a terrible plant mom (sorry to all those drooping on my windowsill), I love dried flowers and shrubbery. Whether they’re in a vase or on a wreath, they look super elegant and don’t need any hard work once they’re in place. That’s why I’m such a fan of pampas grass, which I’m seeing literally everywhere ATM.

The dramatic silhouette of pampas grass mixed with its natural appearance is the perfect blend as it adds a statement piece of decor to a small room without overwhelming the place. The fluffy texture is satisfying as well — I’m such a tactile shopper, so anything that’s soft to the touch goes straight into my basket.

I’ve rounded up nine gorgeous pampas grass pieces that are perfect for infusing any room with a little floral decor. Whether you want to make a bold statement with big branches and bright colors or go for something more sweet and subtle, these beautiful choices are it. 

 9 pampas grass picks that will perk up your interior 

Eve Smallman
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