9 best Christmas scent diffusers 2018

Fill your home with festive fragrance in trendy diffuser format

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The popularity of reed diffusers has sky-rocketed in recent years. Reed diffusers, on average, last longer than candles. They also offer more control over the intensity of your home fragrance – simply add or remove some of the reeds. They're an ideal Christmas gift for those who like to have their home fragranced constantly, which isn't possible with a candle. And with so many coming in lovely, luxurious packaging, reed diffusers  can make quite a statement in the home. Follow our guide to this festive season's best diffusers, from classic Christmas scents to more unusual options. 

1. Go for a fresh rose and cassis blend

Floral fragrances can be a little jarring in winter, but there is a way to incorporate a floral-based fragrance into your Christmas set up: choose one that has cassis or berry notes, like Dyptique's genius Baies. The result is fresh and a little tart, and perfect for crisp, chilly days.

Our favourite is the strikingly packaged Flower Lady reed diffuser by Chase and Wonder. With notes of rose petals, cassis, and galbanum (that sharp 'green' note that prevents everything from becoming overly sweet), it is well balanced and certain to please. 

Chase and Wonder Flower Lady Reed Diffuser

(Image: © Chase and Wonder)

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2. Indulge in a plummy-fruity delight

There is something infinitely uplifting about the smell of sweet, slightly boozy plums, and fruity scents are a great Christmas scent alternative for those who don't like spices/amber. 

Our favourite is the bestselling Rosso Nobile by Dr Vranjes – a sweet and tangy scent combining plum, raspberries and forest fruit, it smells exactly as you'd imagine by looking at its deep, velvety red colour. Pure wellbeing in a bottle. Available at Fortnum & Mason. 

Dr Vranjes Rosso Nobile reed diffuser

(Image: © Fortnum & Mason)

3. Pick a diffuser that's a design statement

Tom Dixon's candles and reed diffusers have a winning combination of unusual scents and sleek, shiny packaging that will fit right into a modern design scheme. The reed diffusers look and feel substantial and come in expensive-looking metallic jars – a perfect Christmas gift. 

We like the London diffuser; it smells green and a little salty, with some floral sweetness, just like London in spring. An unusual choice for Christmas, but a welcome respite from heavier fragrances. Available at Amara.

Tom Dixon London scent diffuser

(Image: © Tom Dixon)

4. Create a feeling of wellbeing with a Scandi scent

Fans of Scandi design and the cosiness and conviviality evoked by hygge will love this scent diffuser by Skandinavisk. A light and unobtrusive fragrance with notes of tea, strawberry, and wild mint, it will complement a minimalist or Scandi Christmas design scheme. The Hygge diffuser is available at Nest. 

Skadinavisk Hygge reed diffuser

(Image: © Nest.co.uk)

5. Bring in sophisticated fruitiness with pomegranates

Pomegranate is a naturally complex scent – tart and dark – and requires little as an accompaniment. 

The Pomegranate Reed Diffuser by Sophie Allport is pomegranate as it should be – fresh, sharp, and with that element of je ne sais quoi that makes is so special. 

Sophie Allport Pomegranate reed diffuser

(Image: © Sophie Allport)

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6. Go for a classic winter scent

Sweetness and spice... you know how it goes. Nothing beats a classic spicy, wintry blend for a Christmas fragrance.

The Winter Collection by The White Company is the crème de la crème of classic winter home scents, and looks great, too.

The White Company Winter Collection

(Image: © The White Company)

7. Pick a sophisticated twist on a fig fragrance

Fig fragrances are utterly distinctive and grown-up; the fig scent note is also very versatile, working easily with floral, woody, and smoky notes. There are green fig scents, dark fig scents, and understated fig/cedar combinations. 

Our pick of the bunch is the sophisticated Fig and Smoked Oak diffuser by Sainsbury's Home. 

Sainsbury's Home Fig and Smoked Oak diffuser

(Image: © Sainsbury's Home)

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8. Go green and fresh with a pine fragrance

Artificial Christmas tree? Create an illusion of the festive piny fragrance with a reed diffuser. A note of caution if you have pets (especially a cat): pine-based scents can be harmful to animals if used over long periods of time. You can still use your diffuser, but try keeping it in a room your pet doesn't spend much time in, or consider putting it away while you're out. 

Our pick is the Blue Spruce & Frosted Pine by The National Trust. 

National Trust Reed Diffuser, Blue Spruce & Frosted Pine

(Image: © National Trust)

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9. Have a very berry Christmas

We love the scent of berries around Christmas – tangy and sweet, it cuts right through the heavier smells of Christmas dinner and spices. 

We love the Winter Berries reed diffuser by Beefayre. Not only does it smell nice, but it's infused into natural oil, sans alcohol. Available at Annabel James.

Beefayre Winter Berries reed diffuser

(Image: © Annabel James)

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