The best teapots for perfect brews at home

Whether you like a Twinings, a PG Tips, a good strong Yorkshire, or a fancy loose-leaf, we’ll help you find your perfect teapot with a range of styles that are just your cup of tea


Tea is a very personal thing. Not only does everyone have exacting standards around their favourite brew, they also have very strong opinions about how everyone else should make theirs too. Whether you’re a milk first or last sort of person, a teabag or loose-leaf devotee, a three-spooner or a “get that stuff away from my cup” sort, we can all surely agree on one thing, and that’s that tea simply tastes better from a beautiful teapot.

Not only is briefly introducing a teabag to a single mug of hot water and then throwing it away wasteful, it’s just not the best way to get a decent brew. And besides, even if you live or work alone and are in the habit of making a single cup, you owe it to yourself to make that cup count.

Glass teapots not only look great, they let you eye up your tea as it brews, so you won’t miss your optimum infusion. And if you frequently treat yourself to beautiful loose leaves and flowering teas, you’ll definitely want one. Classic ceramics in subtle or punchy colours are a traditional choice, and will keep your black and pu-erh teas up to temperature even if you get distracted by choosing the perfect biscuit to go with them (we’ve all been there).

After that, it’s really all about design. If you like a bit of variety, go for one with a removable infuser basket for making loose-leaf and bagged teas. If you’re making big rounds, go for one with the largest capacity you can find, while lone tea-drinkers surrounded by coffee enthusiasts can treat themselves to a bijou pot, or even a mad scientist-style single-cup tea maker.

1. Glass Teapot with Removable Infuser

An elegant all-rounder for solo ceremonies or entertaining

Best for: All-rounder
Capacity: 800ml
Material: Glass, stainless steel
Reasons to buy
+Makes four cups of loose-leaf or bagged tea+Focused pour
Reasons to avoid
-Manufacturers say it can boil water: exercise caution 

With its removable infuser and transparent glass body, this beautiful-looking teapot is a great all-rounder for teabags and loose-leaf tea alike. It’s most useful for making larger rounds from loose tea leaves, producing around four standard cups in one go, so it’s a perfect next step from the in-cup infuser for people who frequently entertain, or families of tea lovers. When the infuser is in, it fits snugly, and the delicate spout pours neatly. Lovely for everyday or for special teas.

2. T2 Tea Maker Jug, Clear/Aqua

A quick, clean, and frankly fun-filled way to make a single cup

Best for: Novelty
Capacity: 500ml
Material: BPA-free tritan
Reasons to buy
+Fun process+Easy to use and clean
Reasons to avoid
-Only makes one cup at a time 

If you like the whimsy and wonder of the Aeropress, but don’t actually drink enough coffee to warrant one, we have great news: the Tea Maker from Aussie tea obsessives T2 does the same thing to your teabag or loose leaves. Simply fill it up, watch it brew to your preferred shade, place it over your cup, and press down gently to release. For single servings, this is a great, easier-to-clean alternative to an in-cup strainer, but as it’s not strictly a teapot, you’re better off with our first pick if you’re making tea for more than one. 

3. For Life Stump Teapot

A versatile, lovely-looking teapot for those who like a bit of variety

Best for: Small servings
Capacity: 530ml
Material: Ceramic, stainless stee
Reasons to buy
+Beautifully made and thoughtfully designed+Extra-fine infuser for all sorts of teas
Reasons to avoid
-Only makes two small cups in one go 

If you’re the only tea-drinker in your house, but still want a proper pot, this little wonder from For Life is a superb buy. Its removable strainer is incredibly fine, for brewing everything from slender Rooibos to chunkier Oolong, or even the odd Tetley, should the mood take you. Plus, it looks great: its flush-sitting lid is hinged for easy opening without burning your fingers, and the durable and beautiful ceramic body comes in a range of cheerful colours.  

4. Star Wars R2-D2 Teapot, White

Modelled after everyone’s favourite droid, this might just be the cutest teapot in the galaxy

Best for: Star Wars fans
Capacity: 800ml
Material: Ceramic
Reasons to buy
+Cute design; great for gifting+Generous size
Reasons to avoid
-Gets very hot 

This ceramic character teapot ticks all the boxes for tea-loving Star Wars fans, although we do think they missed a trick not calling him R2-Tea2. While not quite as big as the real thing, it’s a considerable-sized pot that makes three generous mugs, great for family mornings and entertaining your fellow aspiring Jedi. The ceramic construction keeps tea warm, but be careful with your fingers as you grip the handle to pour, because the main body gets very hot. 

5. Menu Kettle Teapot

An unusual minimal teapot that’ll look the business at your next get-together

Best for: Modern design
Capacity: 1.5l
Material: Glass
Reasons to buy
+Unique design+Handy pull-in/out infuser
Reasons to avoid
-Infuser’s capacity is a little restrictive 

This modern-looking teapot takes the ancient ritual of tea-making and brings it bang up to date with a contemporary design. Unusually, it’s tall rather than squat, and its clear glass gives you precise control over every infusion. We also love the basket infuser, which can be raised or lowered on a string: if you’re done steeping but don’t have time to serve just yet, raise it out of the water so your tea won’t overbrew. Very clever. If you liked our first glass pick but want something with a bit more edge, try this one. 

6. Price & Kensington Brights 6 Cup Teapot

A classic teapot that won’t cost a pretty penny

Best for: Budgets
Capacity: 1100ml
Material: Stoneware
Reasons to buy
+Great value+Traditional teapot shape
Reasons to avoid
-Pour is a bit shaky 

If you’re after a classic teapot with timeless appeal, this is the one. It’s made in the traditional shape that we all know and love, and built of fine stoneware for a durable, dishwasher-safe finish that’ll give you years of use and countless cups. The pour isn’t the best on our list, so you’ll need reasonably good aim, but as our budget buy coming in at an incredibly reasonable £12 RRP, it’s a really good shout for first-time buyers stocking up on reliable kitchenware.