The best office chairs under £200

Don’t let working from home be a pain in the neck (or back); invest in an office chair that is both comfortable and affordable with our top picks under £200

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If you often work from home, then investing in a decent chair can make all the difference. Not only will it make you more comfortable, but it will make you feel more professional, too and thus work better even when sitting at home. 

There are many different office chairs on the market, from plush leather ones, to gaming chairs and ergonomic chairs that help those who suffer from bad backs. A lot of the high-end chairs don’t come cheap, but there are plenty available that you can snap up for under £200, and we’re here to give you the roundup of the best ones we’ve found. 

A chair with a high back, or lumbar support, is designed to help you improve posture and reduce pressure on the muscles in the lower back, so if you’re sitting for more than eight hours a day and often find you forget to get up and take breaks, this is the best office chair for you. If it’s aesthetics as well as comfort you’re going for, then a plush leather, or even faux leather chair will give you the best of both worlds along with a traditional feel, but sometimes the adjustments on the chair are minimal. 

For a more modern design, mesh office chairs look pretty funky and tend to be very ergonomic as they are comfortable and breathable. They also tend to be in the style of a task chair rather than an executive chair, which is better for smaller home offices as they tuck underneath desks easily. 

Take a look at our top picks for the best office chairs under £200 and see what inspiration we can give you for your home office. 

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A funky leather chair ideal for gaming

Best for: Gamers
Material: Leather
Adjustable: Height, armrests, tilt
Dimensions: 70x68x132cm
Reasons to buy
+ Headrest pillow + Lumbar cushion  
Reasons to avoid
- Tricky to assemble 

If you spend more time at your desk gaming than you do actually working, then this chair will fully support you in your decision to do so. This is a fully ergonomic and orthopaedic chair design which comes with headrest and lumbar pillows would no doubt make for a super-comfy chair for both work and play. On top of that, it’s made from leather which users say make this chair feel plush. It’s at the higher end of the price range, but regarded a worthwhile investment by those who spend a lot of time at their computer screen. 

2. Songmics Mesh Office Computer Chair

Stay comfortable all day in this ergonomic office chair under £200

Best for: Ergonomic
Material: Polyester mesh fabric
Adjustable: Height, armrests
Dimensions: 65.5x65x29cm
Reasons to buy
+ Breathable fabric + Sturdy  
Reasons to avoid
- Arms tricky to fit 

This chair is highly regarded by those who spend long hours sitting at their desks. If you often suffer from back pain, then you might also find that this ergonomic chair is just the ticket to a more comfortable working day. The chair is fully adjustable in height, arms and tilt, and the mesh backing means it’s breathable, too. Users feel particularly comfortable with how study this chair is, so if you feel like reclining you don’t have to worry about feeling wobbly. The arms have been said to be tricky to fit, but once it’s done, this chair tucks neatly under most desks so it’s perfect for smaller home offices.  

3. Markus Swivel Chair

A high back swivel chair that’s simple yet effective

Best for: Reliability
Material: Polypropylene plastic
Adjustable: height, tilt
Dimensions: 140x62x60cm
Reasons to buy
+ Looks slick + Pressure-sensitive break 
Reasons to avoid
- Not the plushest feel 

Well, it’s not often the Swiss go wrong with furniture, and the Markus chair is no exception. IKEA have created this high-back swivel chair which could make for an affordable alternative to an executive chair. Its design lends itself to supporting the lower back, and it has a pressure-sensitive break which is designed to ensure stability when sitting down and standing up. The material may not be as plush as real leather, but if you’re looking for aesthetic value, we think this is one of the best office chairs for under £200 on the market.  

4. House by John Lewis Hinton Chair

A modern design with a choice of three colours

Best for: Modern
Material: Mesh
Adjustable: Height, arms
Dimensions: 92x56x58cm
Reasons to buy
+ Tucks underneath the desk + Different colours 
Reasons to avoid
- A bit small 

This chair by John Lewis is a much more modern design, and could suit a more casual environment better than a large executive chair. It comes in three colours, so if black isn’t your thing then this chair gives you some options. This chair is reportedly a little small for those that are taller than average, but the perks of it being the size it is are that it can easily be tucked under your desk or manoeuvred around with ease as it’s said to be very light.  

5. Racing Sport Swivel Office Chair

A stand-out chair with a racing-style back for added comfort

Best for: Comfort
Material: PU Leather
Adjustable: height, tilt
Dimensions: 60x65x1.2cm
Reasons to buy
+ Quality upholstery  + Easy assembly  
Reasons to avoid
- Not the most ergonomic  

This racer chair looks cool and has been praised for its solid build that provides a firm but comfortable seat. It’s easy to put together with no requirement from additional tools, and the high back will allow you to tilt and recline the chair into a position that’s most comfortable for you. Users have been pleasantly surprised at how comfortable this chair is, but have noted that over time the padding does begin to lose plumpness slightly, which means it will become less supportive over time. However, for the price of this year, unless you have severe back problems it is a great choice for both comfort and aesthetics.  

6. Langria Leather Budget Computer Chair

A luxurious faux-leather chair that will make you feel like the boss

Best for: Quality
Material: Faux leather
Adjustable: height, tilt
Dimensions: 60x65x1.2cm
Reasons to buy
+ Padded + Executive look 
Reasons to avoid
- No lumbar support 

This faux leather office chair certainly looks plush, and there have been no complaints about the luxury feel of this chair, either. Users love the soft padding on this chair, which is finished off nicely with pleated upholstery on the back. Despite the comfort, the lumbar support isn’t the best, meaning those who sit at their desk for more than 6 hours a day might find this chair begins to feel uncomfortable; however for occasional use you can expect this chair to make a welcome addition to your home office.  

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