Best kitchen bins: sensor bins, double kitchen bins and more...

Check out our round-up of the best kitchen bins for your home, from simple recycling units to odour eliminators and smart bins

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On the hunt for the best kitchen bin? Probably not the first thing you think of when it comes to designing your dream kitchen, but hear us out: it’s quite possible that your kitchen bin does among the hardest work of any kitchen item, and for that, we think we owe it to you to find you a good one. 

But what does ‘a good one’ look like? What is the best kitchen bin out there? Generally speaking, it’ll be built to last a while, won’t let smells leak out into your living space, and will be big enough for your needs.

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What is the best kitchen bin?

In terms of the best all-rounder kitchen bin, our top pick is the Morphy Richards Chroma Sensor Bin with Infrared Technology because it ticks all the boxes. It's affordable, sleek, available in lots of different colours and it opens when you wave. It's also square shaped so it fits nicely into a corner and it's available in two different capacities for different size kitchens.

How to buy the best kitchen bin


Depending on the size of your household and how much rubbish you generate, you’ll have to think about the capacity that would be useful to you. Anything between 15 and 30 litres should be be just fine if you live alone or with one other person and don’t throw away an above-average amount of stuff; a 30 to 40 litre bin is generally advisable for families of three whose bin gets taken out quite frequently, while 40 to 50 litres is the best bet for four or more, or those who don’t want to take out the rubbish any more than they have to.


After that, it’s all a matter of style. If you think all bins are a bit of an eyesore, then think again, because a big kitchen bin needn’t necessarily disrupt your interior scheme. From sleek modern designs to the odd bit of vintage charm, we have it all, so read on for a good dose of what we like to call 'binspiration'.


Best kitchen bin you can buy: Morphy Richards Chroma Sensor Bin with Infrared Technology

1. Morphy Richards Chroma Sensor Bin with Infrared Technology

The best kitchen bin: a great all-rounder that's is affordable and available in lots of colours

Best for: All-rounder
Capacity: 42ltrs or 50ltrs
Dimensions: H63.4cm x W33.5cm x D24.8cm or H74cm x W34.5cm x D24.5cm
Reasons to buy
+Affordable+Available in a range of different colours+Automatic
Reasons to avoid
-Batteries aren't included

For those who can't be dealing with pedal bins and frequently have messy hands while in the kitchen, opt for this sensor touch bin by Morphy Richards. Featuring a contemporary design and available in a choice of black, cream or stainless steel to fit in with your kitchen decor, the bin has a steel body with non-corrosive colour coating and a retainer ring for easy replacement of bin liners. It's available in two different sizes to suit small households or large families alike, and its sensor activated lid closes on its own after five seconds of inactivity. Another thing to note is that it's square, so it fits in a kitchen corner quite nicely. Tried and tested by the Real Homes team, it's the best kitchen bin you can spend your money on, we think.

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Simplehuman Voice Activated Dual Compartment Recycler Sensor Bin

2. Simplehuman Voice Activated Dual Compartment Recycler Sensor Bin

Best smart kitchen bin: a voice-activated bin for a smart household

Best for: Smart
Capacity: 58ltrs
Dimensions: H63.5 x W56.5 x D33cm
Reasons to buy
+Voice activated+Large +Two ways to power+Recycling compartments+Fingerprint free
Reasons to avoid
-Most expensive on our list

The only way to complete your smart kitchen, the Simplehuman rectangular sensor bin works by saying 'open can' or by a wave of your hand. Featuring a modern, sleek look and a nano-silver clear coating to protect from fingerprints and germs, the bin has two compartments; one for recycling and the other for everyday waste. To work, the bin can either be plugged in or it needs six AA alkaline batteries. The best kitchen bin for those after something smart, we think.

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Best kitchen bin for modern households: Brabantia Bo Touch Bin

3. Brabantia Bo Touch Bin

Best kitchen bin for modern households: own a modern home? You NEED this kitchen bin!

Best for: Modern
Capacity: 36ltrs
Dimensions: H68cm x W54cm x D31.5cm
Reasons to buy
+Soft-touch lid+Separates waste+Finger print proof+Versatile – 3 ways to use+Sustainably made+10 year warranty
Reasons to avoid
-Smallest compartment is only 11ltrs

The Brabantia Bo Touch Bin opens silently with the lightest touch, and it introduces a whole new world of waste separation. The bin's interior can be your choice of one of three configurations; one large compartment; two compartments comprising one small one and one medium-sized; or three of the same small-sized compartments. The bin's space-efficient shape is flat, meaning you'll waste no premium kitchen space, and it sits on perfectly heightened legs to give that modern vibe. It comes in eight different colours to suit any kitchen scheme (Daisy Yellow is our fave, what a statement!) and finally, it's fingerprint free, so you don't have to worry about your toddler wiping their hands all over it. An innovative way to look at storing waste, we think this is the best kitchen bin you can buy if you've a modern kitchen.

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Best kitchen bin for big households: Joseph Joseph Intelligent Waste Titan Trash Compactor

4. Joseph Joseph Intelligent Waste Titan Trash Compactor

Best kitchen bin for big households: this bin squashes rubbish to make extra space, meaning fewer trips outside

Best for: Big households
Capacity: 90ltrs
Dimensions: 39 x 29.2 x 68.4cm
Reasons to buy
+Holds masses of rubbish+Hygienic compacting
Reasons to avoid
-Very pricey 

As space-saving solutions for the kitchen go, this bin is a real winner, and its ability to hold up to 90 litres in the footprint of a 30 litre bin earns it our top spot. Its trick is quite amazing: just pull out and up on the integrated handle, and push down on the seemingly full bin to compact the rubbish for three times more space. It also aims not to stretch or tear your bin liners, and the replaceable odour filter stops unpleasant smells reaching the rest of the kitchen. Our pick of the best kitchen bin for convenience, compactness, and cleverness.

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Best kitchen bin for retro kitchens: Swan Retro 45L Square Sensor Bin

5. Swan Retro 45L Square Sensor Bin

Best kitchen bin for retro kitchens: vintage style meets futuristic functionality in this motion-sensor bin

Best for: Retro kitchens
Capacity: 45ltr
Dimensions: 67.5 x 33 x 25cm
Reasons to buy
+Looks very sleek+Motion sensor stops germs spreading
Reasons to avoid
-Requires batteries 

If you’re the proud owner of a retro style kitchen and don’t want a huge unsightly receptacle overshadowing it, the Swan Retro 45ltr bin should be your go-to. It comes in a range of vintage-look pastel shades with chrome trim, and looks very sleek indeed, thanks in no small part to the lack of bulky pedals or handles. Instead, the bin’s clever sensor opens when the user is 5-15cm away, so you don’t have to risk the spread of germs, and the helpful bin bag retainer ring means no awkward bits of bag to give the game away, either. The best kitchen bin for retro kitchens!

Shop more retro Swan products at Amazon to complete your collection

Best kitchen bin for recycling: Charles Bentley Home 45L Stainless Steel Kitchen Recycle Waste Pedal Bin - 3 Compartments

(Image credit: Amazon)

6. Charles Bentley Home 45L Stainless Steel Kitchen Recycle Waste Pedal Bin - 3 Compartments

Best kitchen bin for recycling: a helping hand when it comes to doing your bit for the planet

Best for: Recycling
Capacity: 45ltr
Dimensions: H50 x W62 x D35cm
Reasons to buy
+Colour coordinated compartments makes sorting easy
Reasons to avoid
-Each compartment is quite small 

Like to recycle but no room in the kitchen for a second (and third) bin, or just trying to avoid a cluttered look? Go for this two-in-one pedal bin, which keeps waste separated into two hygienic compartments – the colour-coding makes it easy to remember which is which, and the sleek and simple brushed metal container looks very neat. Each compartment is on the smaller side at 15 litres each, so while it unfortunately may not be the best solution for big families who would rather keep trips to the outdoor bin to a minimum, for smaller households that don’t generate much waste, it’s a great buy. 

Browse more Charles Bentley products at their Amazon page

Best kitchen bin for neutralising odours: Simplehuman 38L

7. Simplehuman 38L

Best kitchen bin for neutralising odours: this clever bin is easy to keep clean and makes disposal a cinch

Best for: Neutralising odours
Capacity: 38ltrs
Removable lid: 31.8 x 40.1 x 65.3cm
Reasons to buy
+Sleek-looking with hidden functions+Removable inner bucket
Reasons to avoid
-On the expensive side 

This brushed stainless steel bin is sure to look very elegant in all manner of kitchens, but its simple design hides bags of features intended to make life more efficient, an always-intriguing prospect for busy families. Its fingerprint-proof finish needs no upkeep, its silent-close lid and non-skid base keep things steady, and its removable inner bucket for drip-free disposal is frankly genius. It also packs a decent capacity in a relatively small footprint, and can be tucked flush against the wall thanks to the internal hinge. No fuss, no mess – in our opinion it's the best kitchen bin for families.

Shop more Simplehuman products at Amazon.

Best kitchen bin for colour range: Brabantia One Touch 30L in yellow

8. Brabantia One Touch 30L

Best kitchen bin for colour range: a colourful bin to suit any kitchen scheme, with an extra guarantee for peace of mind

Best for: Colour range
Capacity: 30ltr
Dimensions: 30.5 x 30.5 x 76.2cm
Reasons to buy
+Solidly built with 10 year guarantee+Impressive range of colours
Reasons to avoid
-Shiny finish shows fingerprints quite easily 

Classic homewares brand Brabantia can always be trusted to come up trumps with a top-quality item, and this 30 litre kitchen bin is no exception. Made from durable materials in a fabulous range of colours – Pansy Purple is a particular favourite of ours, as well as Daisy Yellow – and with a 10 year Brabantia guarantee, it’s certainly engineered to last. Its removable stainless steel lid for easy bag replacement and silent, soft-touch lid are added bonuses. A solid investment, and the best kitchen bin for those who are after something a little different colour-wise.

Find more Brabantia bins at their Amazon page.

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