The best home scents for every room

Fill your space with beautiful home fragrance with our pick of the best home scents, from reed diffusers to candles

best home scents: Skandinavisk home fragrance

Looking for the best home scents for each room? Home fragrance has boomed over the past decade, and no wonder. A great way to put the finishing touch to a room, or to cheer up a space on a dull, grey day, a quality home scent goes a long way towards creating a sense of well-being. 

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We think that the best home scent you can buy is the True Grace Manor Classic Candle Fig. However, if you're after something less figgy, opt for our second pick, the subtle Skadinavisk Hygge reed diffuser. Read more on both below.

Not got time to read the whole guide? We've listed our top three home scents below as well as their cheapest prices. Enjoy!


Choose quality candles

Not all home fragrances are created equal. We advise against very cheap scented candles, as they're often simply wax with a bit of fragrance on top. Look for properly hand-poured candles that will have the fragrance layered into them. The quality of the wax also matters; the better the wax, the longer your candle will last you. 

Reed diffusers

Reed diffusers are another popular option, and great if you want more control over how strong the scent will be, or have concerns about the safety of burning candles. 


As for the all-important question of scent, we have chosen a selection that will appeal to all preferences. From fruity and cheerful to moody and complex, we've got all sorts of home scents covered, suitable for any room and occasion. 


Best home scent you can buy: True Grace Manor Classic Candle Fig

1. True Grace Manor Classic Candle Fig

Best home scent you can buy: the ultimate fig home scent

Best for: Fans of fig scents
Size: 190g
Notes: Fig, rose, cedar
Reasons to buy
+Sophisticated take on a fig fragrance+Long burning time 
Reasons to avoid
-Intense fragrance – less suitable for small rooms

This True Grace candle is the king of fig home scents, of which there are lots on the market. The scent has depth and complexity, thanks to the woody base and the addition of rose, while still smelling recognisably of ripe figs. It's a bestseller for a reason. This fragrance is on the heady side, though, so avoid burning it in small rooms. 

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Best subtle home scent: Skadinavisk Hygge reed diffuser

(Image: ©

2. Skadinavisk Hygge reed diffuser

Best subtle home scent: a light fragrance to encourage a sense of well-being

Best for: A subtle room scent
Size: 200ml
Notes: tea, strawberry, rose petals, wild mint
Reasons to buy
+A light, unobtrusive scent+Will last at least three months
Reasons to avoid
-A little pricey -Will be a bit too subtle for some

Skadinavisk make perfect home scents for lovers of all things Scandi, which is to say light, airy, and not too loud. The Hygge diffuser is a well-balanced composition that is both sweet (from the tea and strawberry notes) and fresh, thanks to the mint. Never oppressive, this fragrance is the perfect choice for anyone who likes a home scent that is subtly present in the background, rather than obvious.

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Best masculine home scent: Cire Trudon Ernesto candle

(Image: © Cire Trudon)

3. Cire Trudon Ernesto Scented Candle

Best masculine home scent: an elegant, smoky fragrance with character

Best for: Those who love a masculine scent
Size: 270g
Notes: tobacco, bergamot, labdanum, leather
Reasons to buy
+Superb quality+A classy, characterful scent+Extremely long-lasting
Reasons to avoid
-Very expensive

Cire Trudon are something of a legend in the world of scented candles. Hand-poured into opulent Italian green glass vessels, their home fragrances are perfectly balanced and complex compositions. The scent of a French medieval church? Tick. Freshly washed linen and stone floors? Tick? The palace of Versailles? You get the drift. Our favourite, though, is Ernesto, which smells like pipe tobacco and booze, and leather armchairs. Papa Hemingway would've been proud. 

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Best fruity home scent: Dr Vranjes Rosso Nobile reed diffuser

(Image: © Fortnum & Mason)

4. Dr Vranjes Rosso Nobile room diffuser

Best fruity home scent: the nicest fruity home fragrance around

Best for: Those who love fruit scents
Size: 250ml - 5000ml
Notes: plum and berries
Reasons to buy
+Delicious sweet fragrance+Comes in lots of different sizes
Reasons to avoid
-Not cheap-No candle option

The Rosso Nobile by Dr Vranjes is described by the brand as 'the scent of finest Tuscan wines'. Full disclaimer: those who were hoping for a realistic rendition of the scent of wine will be disappointed. In reality, this diffuser is a delicious (and surprisingly non-sickly) blend of red fruits and berries. Think the finest strawberry jam being made and ripe plums scattered around your home. Yum. Suitable for any room in the house and comes in lots of different sizes, as well as in a room spray format.

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Best simple home scent: Heyland & Whittle Clementine Prosecco candle

(Image: © Heyland & Whittle)

5. Heyland & Whittle Clementine Prosecco Candle

Best simple home scent: un uncomplicated, citrusy delight

Best for: Those who like an uplifting, simple scent
Size: 690g
Notes: Clementine and prosecco
Reasons to buy
+Simple and cheerful fragrance+Reasonably priced
Reasons to avoid
-Isn't very long-lasting

The Clementine and Prosecco candle from Heyland & Whittle does exactly what it says: it fills your home with the celebratory scent of freshly peeled clementines and bubbly. Perfect for Christmas (or any other celebratory occasion, for that matter), it doesn't have amazing complexity, or longevity, but is zesty and fun, and is the perfect pick-me-up on a dull day. 

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Best fresh rose home scent: Baies candle Diptyque

(Image: © Dyptique)

6. Diptyque Baies Scented Candle

Best fresh rose home scent: a contemporary twist on rose

Best for: Those who want a fresh rose scent
Size: 70g, 190g
Notes: Rose
Reasons to buy
+A versatile fruity-floral fragrance
Reasons to avoid
-Can smell quite strong

Think most rose-based home fragrances smell dusty and unrealistic, and nothing like real roses? We're with you. The freshness of a rose if very difficult to get right in scent; Diptyque have nailed it, though, by blending this rose with blackcurrant leaves. Hey presto, a floral that is fresh and zesty, and not one bit old-fashioned. We have found Baies, as all other Diptyque candles, to be rather strong, so it's best to start with the smaller size. 

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Best home scent for Jo Malone fans: Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir reed diffuser

(Image: © Jo Malone)

7. Jo Malone London Pomegranate Noir Scent Surround™ Diffuser

Best home scent for Jo Malone fans: the diffuser version of Jo Malone's bestselling fragrance

Best for: Jo Malone fans
Size: 165ml
Notes: pomegranate, pepper, woods
Reasons to buy
+Home scent version of a beautiful fragrance+Lovely presentation
Reasons to avoid
-Expensive for how much you get

One of Jo Malone's most successful fragrances, the mysterious and moody Pomegranate Noir, is now available in both candle and diffuser format. The secret of this scent is its spicy, slightly edgy woody base (hence the 'noir'), which grounds the composition, preventing it from ever turning sweet. Perfect for a study or hallway. This is expensive, and not very large for how much you're paying, so we recommend using this sparingly, preferably in a smaller room.

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 Best natural home scent: The White Company Fir Tree spray

(Image: © The White Company)

8. The White Company Fir Tree Home Spray

Best natural home scent: the best pine fragrance for all seasons

Best for: Lovers of natural-smelling scents
Size: 100ml
Notes: fir, cedar, eucalyptus
Reasons to buy
+Fresh and uplifting fragrance+Perfect for spraying over your Christmas tree
Reasons to avoid
-Pine isn't for everyone

Want that enchanting smell of the fir tree in your house all year round? Or looking for a way to make your artificial Christmas tree smell like the real deal? The White Company Fir Tree room spray smells fresh and forest-like, and the scent lingers. In fact, we advise to be careful not to spray this on furniture, as you'll still be smelling it a week later!

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