10 best home fragrances

Create a welcoming aroma in your own home or give the gift of scent with one of our top 10 home fragrances, including candles, reed diffusers and room sprays

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A perfectly pleasant home fragrance is a nice thing to have, but the best home fragrances can be utterly transformative to both your mood and your space.

There are a few formats to choose from when buying home fragrance: scented candles, reed diffusers, or fragrance sprays (or mists, if you want to be a bit posher about it). Candles are best for creating that extra hygge factor, and a flickering flame is second to none for creating a relaxing vibe, but if you’re concerned about safety or would like something a little longer lasting, a reed diffuser is a good choice as it can be topped up with more fragrance oil when it’s lost its initial vigour.

As well as the type of scent you naturally gravitate towards, consider what kind of mood you want to create in your space. For a vibrancy and freshness, it’s hard to beat citrus, and our first choice for a refreshing scent is Jo Malone’s Lime, Basil & Mandarin Home Candle. For rooms where you prefer to unwind, such as in the bedroom, consider a naturally relaxing scent like The White Company White Lavender

The best home fragrance

1. Jo Malone London Lime Basil & Mandarin Home Candle

Luxurious packaging and luxurious scent meet in this gift-worthy candle by Jo Malone

Best for: Fresh scent
Type: Candle
Size: 200g
Scent: Citrus
Reasons to buy
+ Looks and smells fantastic 

Lime, Basil and Mandarin is one of Jo Malone’s most popular scents, an easily-explained phenomenon when you consider its pitch-perfect balance of bright, fresh citrus and herbaceous green notes. Users found that even when not lit it gave off a subtle fragrance, and that the scent didn’t fade with use, so despite its rather hefty price tag, devotees find it worth every penny. Its understated and beautiful packaging makes it a great option for gifting, too. 

Molton Brown Orange and Bergamot Aroma Reeds

2. Molton Brown Orange and Bergamot Aroma Reeds

Whisk yourself away to the Mediterranean with this mood-boosting citrus diffuser

Best for: Energising
Type: Reed diffuser
Size: 150ml
Scent: Citrus
Reasons to buy
+ Bright, citrusy scent 

Combining the efforts of two different species of the fruit, this orange-scented reed diffuser is certainly one for the citrus lover. The bergamot and mandarin top notes are joined by blackcurrant for an exquisitely juicy, immediately mood-brightening scent, mediated in the middle by more of that beloved savoury basil, and grounded by base notes of neroli and musk, making for a well-balanced fragrance that Molton Brown’s description likens to 'a journey through the orange groves of Seville'. 

Neom Happiness Home Mist

3. Neom Happiness Home Mist

A bright-scented home spray that looks as good as it smells

Best for: Mood-lifting
Type: Mist
Size: 100ml
Scent: Fresh
Reasons to buy
+ Great-looking bottle 

As fragrance bottles go, this one from Neom could almost pass for a perfume – with its beech-effect lid, subtle branding and frosted glass, you certainly wouldn’t feel sheepish about leaving it out on the bathroom shelf. And while 'happiness' is one of the more abstract scents to pin down, they seem to have summed it up beautifully with a blend of relaxing white neroli, bright mimosa and lemon, and that evergreen favourite, fresh grass. It’s safe to use on fabrics, so spray it on curtains and upholstery as well as in the air for an all-around boost. 

Diptyque Figuier Scented Candle

4. Diptyque Figuier Scented Candle

Stylish scent-lovers will fall head over heels for Diptyque’s Figuier

Best for: Design
Type: Candle
Size: 190g
Scent: Fruity
Reasons to buy
+ Luxurious design 

This luxury candle from Diptyque isn’t just a great gift for fragrance lovers, it’s also a design-led option ideal for any house-proud recipient thanks to its pared-back yet immediately recognisable look. If the vibrant citrus notes of our Jo Malone and Molton Brown picks sound a bit much, but you’re still looking for a hit of freshness, this laid-back fig scent may be the ideal middle ground, offering green notes courtesy of crushed fig leaves, and warmth thanks to notes of warm wood, giving you the impression of nodding off under a fig tree. Sublime. 

Ecoya Sweet Pea & Jasmine Diffuser

5. Ecoya Sweet Pea & Jasmine Diffuser

Embrace the sweet smell of summer, even when the weather’s frightful

Best for: Small spaces
Type: Reed diffuser
Size: 200ml
Scent: Floral
Reasons to buy
+ Light, summery scent 

If you love the scent of sweet peas but, like so many of us, find their season all too fleeting, you can recapture that feeling of high summer all year round with this Ecoya diffuser. Reviewers loved the gentle floral sweetness of the sweet pea top notes, and found it the perfect combination of noticeable and wide-reaching, but subtle enough not to overpower. With a base hit of sensual, powdery jasmine and refreshing cucumber and watermelon, it’s summer personified. 

The White Company White Lavender Large Candle

6. The White Company White Lavender Large Candle

For that spa feel at home, look no further than this beautifully-scented candle

Best for: Relaxing
Type: Candle
Size: 770g
Scent: Floral
Reasons to buy
+ Very long-lasting 

With around 70 hours of burn time, this three-wick candle seems to be the one to get if you’re after long-lasting, room-filling scent. And what a scent it is: pure lavender, a surprisingly tricky note to nail is at the forefront, but blended with fresh basil and Sicilian lemon for brightness, and a base of slightly astringent, earthy vetiver for warmth. It’s a deceptively complex scent, a step above pure lavender essential oil for elegance, but still harnessing its relaxing properties, making it a great one for creating a soothing haven before bedtime.

Stoneglow Day Flower Ginger & White Lily Scented Candle

7. Stoneglow Day Flower Ginger & White Lily Scented Candle

Beautifully packaged and beautifully scented, this is our best candle under £20

Best for: Warming
Type: Candle
Scent: Spicy
Reasons to buy
+ Excellent value 

If you like the sound of Jo Malone and Diptyque but can’t justify the spend, turn your attention to Stoneglow’s candles, whose laser-etched glass and elegant packaging offer design kudos aplenty for much, much less. Especially so for a candle under £20, reviewers were delighted with the scent, which brings together traditional, deeply perfumed florals in lily, jasmine and rose, and binds them with a warming spicy base of ginger, bergamot, clove and musk. If you’re not the biggest fan of fresh and fruity scents, this cosy candle is sure to hit the spot.  

Jo Malone London Red Roses Room Spray

8. Jo Malone London Red Roses Room Spray

Fresh, fine and floral, this rose-scented room spray is perfect for an instant refresh

Best for: Floral
Type: Spray
Size: 175ml
Scent: Floral
Reasons to buy
+ Fine spray, great dispersal 

As all rose enthusiasts know, the appeal of these fragrant blooms is far from one-dimensional, so a scent that makes the most of them won’t be either. This Jo Malone room spray is inspired by seven different exquisite varietals from around the world, bringing to the table notes ranging from citrusy to green and even spicy. Reviewers found one spritz seemed to clear and fragrance the air, with an overarching freshness courtesy of a mouth-watering lemon top note, and that the fine spray dispersed beautifully. 

Kew Gardens Hyacinth Diffuser

9. Kew Gardens Hyacinth Diffuser

Leave it to the masters of horticulture to make a standout floral fragrance

Best for: Green
Type: Diffuser
Size: 200ml
Scent: Floral
Reasons to buy
+ Elegant design 

Much like the aforementioned sweet peas, many of us will have made peace with the fact that hyacinth scents are a spring-only affair, but it needn’t be so. This hyacinth-scented diffuser by Kew Gardens (who know a thing or two about flowers, we hear) keeps that spring feeling going all year long, and looks simply marvellous while doing it, with its elegant bottle decorated with gold scrollwork and the Kew seal. Users found it quite powerful on opening, and while it does settle down after some time, that certainly seems like a bonus for the lover of spring flowers. 

Esteban Rêve Blanc Refresher Oil

10. Esteban Rêve Blanc Refresher Oil

Liven up your living space with this gorgeous floral scent, made grown-up with sandalwood and musk

Best for: Delicate perfume
Type: Oil
Size: 15ml
Scent: Floral
Reasons to buy
+ Can be added to your favourite diffuser 

This diffuser refresher oil is unique on our list in that it doesn’t come with a vessel, but if you already have a favoured reed diffuser or even electric diffuser, reviewers say this makes a wonderful addition to the home scent wardrobe. Described as a musky floral, it’s a complex but not overpowering fragrance that brings together sun-drenched notes of heliotrope and freesia with deeply savoury sandalwood and musk, with a final flourish of gourmand vanilla.

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