The best blackout curtains for any bedroom

Never miss a weekend lie in again with our top pick of the best blackout curtains for around the home. For night time, all the time

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It’s lovely to lie in on a weekend morning, but when the sky lightens as early as 5am, catching those extra hours of sleep can be near on impossible. However, with the aid of blackout curtains, you – and your children – can sleep through until your body clock gently nudges you awake. 

Highly insulative, blackout curtains can help to retain heat during the winter and keep heat out in the summer, enabling you to create the best conditions in which to sleep. With light blocking, sound blocking and heat blocking properties, blackout curtains are definitely a great options for bedroom curtains. Check out our pick of the best...

BIBA Athena curtains in Mocha (taupe crushed velvet)

1. BIBA Athena Curtain Range In Mocha

Rich, heavy and decadent, these are luxurious blackout curtains

Best for: Luxury curtains
Material: Polyester Velvet
Colour: Mocha
Reasons to buy
+ Beautifully textured + Thick and heavy 
Reasons to avoid
- Perhaps too overwhelming for smaller rooms 

Thick, heavy and decadent, these beautiful curtains will provide a richness to your room that only velvet can administer. Wonderfully soft to touch and gorgeously textured, these mocha coloured curtains all but null the perception that brown curtains are dull and flat. Thanks to their thick, heavy composition, they won’t only defend your room from unwanted morning light, they’ll also muffle the sound of your neighbours heading to work, too.  

Little Home Glow in the Dark Star Blackout Curtains, navy with white stars

2. Little Home Glow in the Dark Star Blackout Curtains

The perfect choice for the kiddies’ rooms

Best for: Children’s blackout curtains
Material: Polyester and cotton
Colour: Navy blue and white
Reasons to buy
+ Glow in the dark stars + Blocks dawn light and street lights 
Reasons to avoid
- Issues with dry cleaning and blackout lining 

With their little glow in the dark stars, these blackout curtains are perfect for children’s bedrooms. Effective at blocking out early morning light and light pollution, and the stars will emit a subtle glow even in complete blackness – the perfect comforting presence for children scared of the dark. Part of John Lewis’ Little Home range, there are plenty of matching features for a running star motif, too.  

Made to Measure Woven Blackout Pleated Curtains, taupe

3. Made to Measure Woven Blackout Pleated Curtains

Require the perfect fit? These stylish curtains are made to measure

Best for: Unique window sizing
Material: Polyester
Colour: Smoke
Reasons to buy
+ Made to measure + Neutral tone to complement a range of decors 
Reasons to avoid
- May look a little flat 

The smoky colour of these curtains provides a beautiful neutral shade that will complement a range of colour palettes. Made to measure, uniquely sized windows are completely catered for, while those who desire exacting specifications can have their expectations met. Whether you prefer a pleated or smooth finish, you’re completely in control when it comes to purchasing these blackout curtains.  

Corded Band Eyelet Blackout Curtains

4. Corded Band Eyelet Blackout Curtains

For a lighter luxury touch

Best for: Elegance
Material: Polyester and velvet
Colour: Grey
Reasons to buy
+ Glamorous and elegant style + Velvet detailing on a satin base 
Reasons to avoid
- Too extravagant for some 

If you want your curtains to make a statement, the detailing on this pair from Wayfair will certainly draw the eye. Combining the luxurious textures and styles of both velvet and satin, these curtains are decadent without being overwhelmingly heavy. With velvet in the detailing, rather than the main body of the curtain, they're lighter than our first pick and will work well with other items from the Catherine Lansfield range.  

Geo Jacquard Grey Blackout Eyelet Curtains, grey

5. Geo Jacquard Grey Blackout Eyelet Curtains

Keep the light out and the temperature controlled with these blackout curtains

Best for: Thermal insulation
Material: Polyester
Colour: Grey
Reasons to buy
+ Subtle patterning + Machine washable 
Reasons to avoid
- Eyelet style may allow light to filter through the top of the curtain 

While metal eyelets are sturdy in their design, they do allow a little light to filter through, which may or may not be enough to disturb your sleep. Aside from that, these lightly patterned grey curtains are perfect for lifting neutral bedroom or living room spaces. Featuring a thermal blackout lining, they help to retain the heat in the winter months and block any unwanted draughts. 

Occultant Blackout Thermal Single Curtain Panel, white

6. Occultant Blackout Thermal Single Curtain Panel

White curtains can be blackout, too

Best for: Reusability
Material: Polyester
Colour: White
Reasons to buy
+ Use as a curtain or lining + White will reflect light into the room when open 
Reasons to avoid
- No hiding stains or spillages 

Whether you need to lighten up a particularly dark room or simply prefer clean, white tones, these curtains will certainly provide the effect you desire. The blackout quality offers protection against UV rays and provides sound and heat insulation properties. These are high quality curtain panels that can be used on their own or sewn to a regular curtain to provide it with blackout qualities. 

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