We love these 9 small entryway benches that make a big statement

Searching for small entryway benches? You'll need something functional *and* cute (obvi)

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Small Bench for Entryway: Quick Menu

First impressions are everything, so cute small entryway benches are a must. It's what visitors see immediately upon arrival, and it's definitely in your best interest to make a big statement, even if your space is on the small side.

Whether you're interested in creating a cozy ambiance, or if you're playing around with industrial pieces in your abode, there's a storage bench for you. And don't worry — they're all space-efficient, functional, and stylish. Did you expect anything less? 

While you're dabbling with how to organize a small entryway and eyeing a cute rug, might as well take a look at a bench, too, right? Right. 

Small entryway benches: where to shop, how to style them, and more

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Ready to start shopping? How silly of us to ask—of course you are. Now it's just a matter of planning.

"In a small entryway, functionality is crucial," says interior designer Raf Michalowski

He recommends you consider a multipurpose accent for the area, then mull over the style and materials to pull the space together. Good luck finding a favorite with one of these options below — they're all equally swoon-worthy. 

9 small benches to buy

Small bench style tips

Opting for a bench with storage access will help the area stay neat and clutter-free. 

"Add a personal touch with family photos, artwork, or items that resonate with your style," says interior designer Raf Michalowski. "It's a great way to create a welcoming and warm atmosphere."

Raf Michalowski
Raf Michalowski

Raf Michalowski is an interior designer and the founder of Meble Furniture, one of the premier furniture retailers in North America. He helps customers design, create, and purchase the perfect furniture for their homes. His company has helped over 10,000 people find their dream furniture and create a personalized interior space suited to their lifestyle.

If you were planning on opting for a stool, Beth Diana Smith, HomeGoods style expert and interior designer, has a few suggestions.

"To style, I recommend using wood stools with a tall accessory such as a vase and florals on top, or upholstered stools with a simple throw or tray with a decorative object or candle," she notes. "Regardless of the style of stool, they should be between 17-20 inches tall.

Beth Diana Smith

Beth Diana Smith is a HomeGoods Style Expert & Interior Designer

Where to shop small entryway benches

Scoping out different selections? Want to compare items and styles? Have a look at what our favorite retailers are offering in the bench department:

How we chose

Size and functionality were at the top of our list, as we're always laser-focused on maintaining and decluttering a small space. We also took style and customer reviews into consideration before making our final selections. 


What is the size of a standard entryway bench?

Typically, a bench for an entryway clocks in at around 40 to 60 inches, and a popular length appears to be 48 inches. That being said, if you're working with a restricted area, we recommend opting for something smaller and utilizing the vertical space that's available to you, perhaps with cute, renter-friendly adhesive hooks

How do I choose an entryway bench?

It's all about style, space, and storage, folks, especially if your abode is a bit cramped. But before you start looking at textures and designs, you're going to want to pull out the tape measure. As Michalowski suggests, "Start by selecting a bench or stool that fits the dimensions of your small entryway." From there, you'll want to concern yourself with aesthetics and color schemes. 

Then, top it all off with a few fun accents, be it a plant or a throw pillow. Make sure there is efficient lighting and add some art. 

"Beautify the wall space around the bench with some wall art or a gallery wall. These decorations can draw the eye upward and add personality to the entryway," Michalowski adds. 

Looking for even more ways to wow your guests upon arrival? You'll love our expert guide to inviting entryway ideas.

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