These 9 toilet brushes have no business being this cute

Bathroom woes, be gone

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Ah, the bathroom, life's greatest leveler, where everyone from the royals, presidents, and common people sit down as nature calls. It's a place that — despite the grim activities it facilitates — deserves care and attention. Sure, it might not be the first room that comes to mind when talking about interior design, but it remains an important one. After all, any guest that stays over may very well need to go, so if your bathroom decor ain't up to scratch, that's minus points for you. 

You already know that there are a lot of furnishings and essentials to consider, from bathroom trashcans to your bath towels. All of which add to the look and vibe of this space. But one that people often neglect — and really shouldn't — is the humble toilet brush, which I'd argue is as essential as it gets. I'll spare you the details as we're all a little old for toilet humor, and you know very well what a toilet brush is for. However, what I will say, is that opting for an ugly, tacky, or poorly designed option is a surefire way to make a mess (in every sense) of your restroom.

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Fortunately, I've saved you the hassle of wading through reams upon reams of toilet brushes out there, picking you a fine selection of brush and plunger sets, brushes with holders, and, of course, the new silicone style that every modish bathroom seems to be flexing right now. Oh, and you can trust this list to deliver. Nothing with less than four stars and shining reviews made the cut here. So, without further ado, let's brush up on your toilet cleaning essentials.

The best toilet brushes to buy

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Toilet brush and plunger sets

Name a more iconic duo than the toilet brush and plunger. We'll wait... Yep, it's not just unsightly marks on the bowl that require immediate attention but unexpected clogs, too. Luckily, you can kill two birds with one stone thanks to these handy combos.

Silicone toilet brushes

Unless your modem's been cut off, you'll know that the silicone brushes are having something of a moment, and for good reason. Unlike the bristled design, they are easier to clean and show better resistance to germs. Win-win!

Toilet brushes with holders

These days, it's rare a toilet brush comes without a holder, however, you should always pay attention to this part of the product. Indeed, the holder often takes up the most space, so you want it to look visually appealing. Think glitz, glamour, and less-is-more Scandi ceramics, plus futuristic numbers from trusted names.


Are silicone toilet brushes more hygienic?

Yes, and for a number of reasons. As Best Cleaning Tools expert John Larson tells us, "When it comes to evaluating the hygienic properties of silicone toilet brushes, there are several factors to consider." He points out, first and foremost, that silicone is non-porous. "This means that it does not have tiny holes that can trap dirt, grime, and bacteria," he says. "Plastic bristles, on the other hand, are porous." He also goes on to note that silicone is also far easier to clean, more durable, and as an added benefit, more environmentally friendly — it's recyclable, after all!

How often should you replace your toilet brush?

Good question. It's tricky to say for sure, but as a policy, it's better to maintain a steady rotation. "I recommend changing your toilet brush every 6 months," says Best Cleaning Tools expert John Larson. "This is because toilet brushes can harbor bacteria, even after they have been cleaned." In fact, he is keen to note that the bristles often trap dirt, grime, and bacteria, which, in a moist environment like the bathroom, can multiply quickly, spreading germs. Of course, he also points out that they can quickly become smelly and discolored, breeding mildew and mold. In the meantime, though, he advises regular cleaning and sanitization of your toilet brush for "optimal cleanliness and hygiene in the bathroom."

Where to buy a toilet brush

Still haven't found the perfect toilet brush for your bathroom? Don't panic. We've shared a white-hot pick of retailers below, guaranteed to nail your brief.

How we chose these toilet brushes

Our picks were based on practicality and style, as is always the case. But as well as this, we also paid close attention to reviews left by customers, ensuring each and every product featured was indeed up to scratch. While we haven't necessarily tested them all ourselves, you can rest assured, no one's opinion is more honest than that of the shoppers. You can expect nothing less than four stars and shining reviews.

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