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NGL, working is way more fun when standing

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For many these days, working from home is a given — a welcome one, too! Not only does it give us the freedom to work on our own terms, squeezing in more time for friends and family (or a little laundry), but it also saves a whole lot of life otherwise spent commuting. Of course, the students among us have been fortunate enough to enjoy this work-life balance for ages. I know I did! The only issue we face — some of us can't squeeze in a proper office setup. Nor can we really afford to buy a fancy desk and a comfortable office chair.

Whether we like it or not, sitting at a desk for prolonged periods of time does get a little same old, same old. That's why choosing one that looks appealing (see chic), with plenty of space to store your stationery, books, or study break essentials — I opt for a stack of style mags, personally — is a must. After all, a mountain of books, pens, and cables is the least inviting sight when it's day 15 of studying for your finals or a slightly hungover Friday at work. Modish desks with storage? Count me in. Elegant office desks that actually make you feel like working? I'll take the lot. Yes, I am talking about the ever-handy standing desk. Trust me on this one.

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Yep, a standing desk is a smart way of keeping your back (and brain) in working order, however young you think you are. Plus, it breaks up the day, adjusting from a seated height to a standing height, keeping your mind fresh so you can boss it in that big meeting or breeze the seminar you forgot to do the reading for (guilty as charged!).

Nowadays, the options out there are endless but I have scoured the net for the finest picks out there, curating my list for the average dorm-dweller or renter's budget. Serving up a variety of styles, from sleek adjustable numbers and considered pieces perfect for your lappy, to desks with drawers, my pick features only rave-reviewed products. Essentially, anything with less than four stars did not make the cut.

The best standing desks to buy

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Adjustable standing desks

Generally speaking, the majority of standing desks out there are adjustable, providing you the freedom to switch up your posture for optimum health. As such, we've honed in on the best in class, choosing tech-savvy pieces as practical as they are sleek.

Laptop standing desks

If you're more of a laptop than monitor kinda gal, it's a good idea to cater your choice accordingly, opting for a small, streamlined piece that does a lot with a little. We're talking state-of-the-art tech, laptop compartments, and tilting desktops.

Standing desks with drawers

It goes without saying, a little extra storage goes a long way. Which is why these space-savvy pieces are a must for anyone in need of sit stand desk that saves space and your back alike.


Are standing desks worth it?

Absolutely! As Steve Davis, ergonomics expert and founder of Ergonauts Performance Technologies, puts it, "Today, there’s very little cost difference between a sit/stand desk and a desk that only allows sitting." As such, it's a worthy investment — for students and workers alike. "Hybrid/remote work is now in a cadence that requires a consistent and healthy setup for work," he adds. "We are starting to see some innovative solutions that provide an ergonomic and productive work environment, but also adapt to the 'living' part of home." In other words, you're probably overdue a standing desk —especially if you aren't having to walk between meeting rooms or lecture halls anymore.

How often should you stand at a sit stand desk?

It's about balance, ultimately. Speaking with Davis, we learned that a scheduled set of intervals is best practice. "Smart companies have procedures in place to have employees move from sitting to standing hourly," he says. "Our recommendation, if there’s no medical necessity, is 50 minutes sitting and ten minutes standing, hourly." Of course, the same goes for you students! Happy working.

Where to buy a standing desk

If you haven't yet found your favorite standing desk, don't sweat it. We've listed the top retailers to try, below.

How we chose these standing desks

Look, if there's anyone whose opinion you can trust, it's the people that use and enjoy these products. That's why we spend time researching the reviews behind each product, choosing only those approved by happy shoppers. Besides that, our criteria include those integral to our very mission: style, taste, and practicality.

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