9 of the best non-stick frying pans including Hailey Bieber and Gordon Ramsay's favourites

Cook up some "yummy yummy" meals, just like Mrs. Bieber

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A great non-stick frying pan is essential to the good functioning of any kitchen. And if you've ever experienced an omelette or piece of fish skin sticking to the bottom of your pan, then you'll know exactly what we're talking about. While we've already rounded up our favourite cookware sets to fully outfit your kitchen, sometimes all you need is a non-stick frying pan to get the job done. 

Eggs on a Sunday morning, a perfectly cooked steak, or mum's famous tomato sauce, you can do it all in a non-stick frying pan. And we've reviewed all six that are featured below so that you know which ones are truly worth your money. Wave goodbye to scraping and say hello to sliding your food swiftly from pan to plate.

The best non-stick frying pans

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More non-stick pans we tested

Lakeland Eco Hard Oxidised Frying Pan | View at Lakeland

Lakeland Eco Hard Oxidised Frying Pan | View at Lakeland

This eco-friendly pan comes in two sizes and it's a great fit for students as it's nice and durable at an affordable price. The only reason this isn't higher in our guide is that it's only oven safe up to 180°C, and it's the same price as our top pick from Ninja, which we can recommend more. One of our editors did notice almost immediately that the flat handle wasn't the most comfortable, but we also realised how good the non-stick coating was, especially for something that's eco-friendly. It has a flat base and high sides, making for less mess. It's also a dream to wash up as the surface is so nice and slippery — though we did notice some watermarks when leaving it to dry on our draining board. It doesn't say whether you can use it with metal utensils, so we didn't to be safe. The three layers of the non-stick coating are eco-friendly, BPA-free, and PFOA-free. This process uses no acids and fewer chemicals than the production of other pans, as well as three times less energy.

Real Homes rating: 4 stars out of 5

Real Homes Review Process — how we test pans

Our Place Black Friday sale - 2 Our Place pans in pink on electric hob

The Our Place Pan in Nishaa Sharma's kitchen

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Here at Real Homes, we like to be able to recommend products that we've had hands-on experience with, inside our own homes so that we can use them a good few times before coming to a verdict. We used the knowledge of a couple of team members, along with their hobs, to test each pan in this guide.

First, we used the pan to fry an egg with no oil. From this, we were able to determine the pan's non-stick qualities. After this initial test, we've been sure to use the pan for cooking a range of foods, and we've been sure to report back on how its non-stick has fared, as well as how easy it is to wash the pan.

Meet our testers below:

Annie Collyer illustration
Annie Collyer

Annie is our head ecommerce editor, and she has a breadth of experience in testing everyday items, from vacuum cleaners to frying pans, candles, and even the odd BBQ. Annie has tested four of these pans, including our top-rated pan from Ninja, plus the Lakeland, Kuhn Rikon pan and Le Creuset pans. Annie uses the Ninja pan almost every day, for eggs and more. And the Le Creuset pan almost always when cooking one-pan meals. After testing, she gave the brilliant Kuhn Rikon pan to her parents and it has fared well in their busy household. Otherwise, the Lakeland one performed very well and now sits in her sister's vegan and toxic-free kitchen and is used every now and then.

Millie Fender illustration
Millie Fender

Millie Fender is head of reviews for Real Homes. Formerly our expert for all things kitchen-related, Millie has tested many of the frying pans in this guide, including the Ninja Zerostick and the Original Green Pan. Her go-to at home is the Hexclad, which combines all the brilliance of non-stick with the searing capabilities of a classic aluminum option.

Christina illustration
Christina Chrysostomou

Whether it's a quick omelette, some fried halloumi, or a speedy sauce, our content editor, Christina prides herself in making rapid meals in minutes. Watching her Greek Cypriot and Mauritian grandparents make everything from curries to flatbreads in a frying pan, little did she know that standing on a stepladder as a little girl would come in so handy to equip her with the culinary knowledge she has today. One switch she's made, however, is to reduce the oil content in many of these recipes. With the Green Pan Barcelona Pro, she has been able to significantly reduce how much fat she adds to the final dish. Though, she is known to add a generous knob of French butter to her scrambled eggs at the end of the cooking process, for flavour.

Illustrated portrait of Nishaa Sharma
Nishaa Sharma

Nishaa is our staff writer and she raves about her Always Pan. She uses it daily to cook for her and her husband, and it's often sitting on her hob looking pretty. 

6 things to consider when choosing a non-stick frying pan

When buying the best non-stick frying pan, there are a few things to consider. We've listed all of these factors above, below each every pan, but here's what else to know:

1. Size
This should be dependant on how many people are in your household, and what you are buying a non-stick pan to mostly cook. The pans in our guide range from 20cm to 30cm. It's also a smart idea to consider the depth of your new pan, for when it comes to cooking sauces or stews.

2. Non-stick coating
This is obviously a very important factor – all of the pans in our guide have a non-stick coating. Though some have three layers, others have one layer of coating. This non-stick coating will last depending on how you care for the pan, and how often its used. What the coating is made from is a big deal to many people.

Simply enough, PFOA-free means that the coating is free from the chemical PFOA, or perfluorooctanoic acid. The long term impacts of this chemical are not fully known, but lab tests have shown a connection with higher cholesterol as well as impacts on growth, reproduction and liver function. So it is one that is best avoided if possible.

A non-stick pan will usually be made from polytetrafluoroethylene – otherwise known as PTFE – to make them smooth and to ensure your food doesn't stick to them.

3. Suitable for all hob types
If you are investing in a pan that you'll be using for years, you definitely want to make sure it is suitable for every hob type. Should you move home or change your hob, your pan will still be compatible. Induction hobs only work with certain metals, so think ahead and get one that can be used on induction if that is on the cards.

4. Dishwasher safe?
As simple as it sounds – is your new non-stick pan dishwasher safe? Be mindful that larger pans won't necessarily fit into smaller dishwashers, and washing your pan in the dishwasher could damage the non-stick coating. In our eyes, you are always best to hand wash and dry frying pans.

5. Oven safe?
For when the hob won't cut it, lots of frying pans can be popped in the oven after the hob, for browning or heating your food twice-through. Be sure to check which temperature your new pan is safe for – some are 180ºC, others 260ºC. And not all are oven-compatible!

6. Price
Lastly, but arguably most importantly, is price. If you are looking to buy a pan to last you a lifetime (as you should if budget allows), and you use a non-stick frying pan pretty much every day for cooking breakfast, lunch or dinner, then you may want to invest more in something that will last. If you never use a pan, just for the occasional fried egg or omelette, then you can get away with something a tad more reasonable.

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