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Looking for a kettle deal? The best kettle can work out at an expensive price whether it's a smart model you're after, a stylish Smeg model or a stove-top one. How can we help? We've put together a list of the best kettle deals on the web right now whether you're in the UK or the US. 

What about Black Friday, you ask? We'll be updating this page regularly in the run up to the big shopping weekend (more on that below), so you can be sure to find the best priced kettles here. For those who need a kettle deal now, keep scrolling.

Use the links on the right to jump to kettle deals by category, from cheap UK kettles to US kettle deals. Otherwise, keep scrolling – or use the links on the right– to find the best kettle deal for you. 

Black Friday kettle deals

We know what you're thinking because so are we... where are those dignity-destroying delicious deals for Black Friday? Well, they're yet to roll in but we are certainly feeling very positive about them. In past years, we've seen kettles and small appliances from the likes of Breville, Russell Hobbs and De'Longhi (to name a few) in John Lewis, Amazon, Argos, Asda and more. So, if you've got something in particular in mind, be it a model or brand, this is the page to revisit when those deals drop and you're ready to make your purchase.

On 29 November, it'll be Black Friday and you will doubtless find a kettle in every colour, shape and model for a price you can't turn down. Bookmark this page and come back to check out the list closer to the time so you can save the cash and bag some bargains on the lead up to Christmas.

Feel free to have a snoop at more Black Friday 2019 info below. On the other hand... why wait? If you need a cuppa and you need it now, we have loads of fab Black Friday appliance deals right here.

The best kettle deals in the UK

Here you'll find the best kettle deals in the UK with fab price cuts of up to 50 percent making your favourite brands affordable. Prices start from just £12.99...

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The best cheap kettles in the UK

It's no secret that cheap makes us very cheerful and that's why we are so super on top of deals. These kettles are all under £40 so buy them here now before everyone has the same smart idea. 

The best kettle deals in the US

The US kettle market is looking strong on the deals' front this month so we're sharing with you our favorite finds. These models are all super stylish so nobody will guess the price tag!

By price: Low to high 

The best cheap kettles in the US

These kettles below are a cheap option for those who live in the US and are after something super affordable. Prices start from just $7.72...

The best kettle retailer deals 

The best kettles and their cheapest prices

How to buy the best kettle

Energy saving
Why is an energy saving kettle the best choice? Well, for a start it'll certainly save your pocket and, secondly, the planet! We can't see any downside to that. So, in order to choose a kettle that'll cut its energy output look for these features: rapid boil, digital control and variable temperature options. This will make sure you don't over-boil when you don’t have to.

Smart tech
There are some home appliances that get looked past when we talk about smart technology; kettles being one of them. However, the kitchen is the heart of the home and everyone knows that a cuppa is the key to someone's heart. Imagine being able to control your kettle via an app? No need to get up any longer to flick the switch. Just boil the kettle from the comfort of your sofa. 

On-trend finish
Revamping your kitchen doesn't have to mean painting, tiling and pulling out wires for new lights. Sprucing up your space can be achieved by accessorising; and now, with the affordable and versatile models of kettles mean a new kettle could be your new accessory! Pick a bright yellow or red, or opt for a rose gold or zig zag monochrome print... there are so many options that can help you to inject your personality into your home!

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