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It goes without saying, every home office or study station needs a desk — especially in an era of WFH and hybrid schedules. That this space be visually pleasing is, of course, no less essential. After all, getting your head down is always more appealing when you're set up with a plush office space (even if that's your bedroom). Sure, yours (much like mine) might be on the dinkier side, but your office deserves a desk as fab as you. If it's a desk with storage, you defo get bonus points!

Having spent a hefty portion of my life dotting between rentals, I know what it's like to be short on space and big on taste — even if I do say so myself. That's when my obsession with desk organizers kicked in. Besides those, I've also found it helps to think outside the box, which brings me to my favorite oddly shaped furnishing. Enter: The corner desk. An ingenious design as old as time itself that embraces every nook and cranny of your home, seizing the little room on offer.

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From handy, L-shaped designs in farmhouse hues to slick white numbers ideal for your contemporary minimalist, I've scoured the web for only the finest corner desks out there, so you needn't spend hours scrolling through a glut of options. After a state-of-the-art piece? Today's standing desks are often electric — not to mention chic.

While I haven't tested each and every product just yet, rest assured, if it didn't warrant a minimum of four stars and healthy reviews, I wasn't interested. Now, join me on a tour of the top corner desks to own right now.

The best corner desks to buy

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Corner desks with storage

Whether you need a lot or a little, added shelving, drawers, or compartments to keep your office or study essentials can go a long way. Plus, these options don't require drilling holes in your walls, keeping you and your landlord happy.

White corner desks

Neutral, classic, and always on trend, white home furnishings are, of course, a tried and tested option when it comes to building a home office or study spot. But — as these designs prove — that doesn't mean you can't up the style ante.

Standing corner desks

You don't need to be a professionally trained ergonomist to know that sitting in a desk chair 24/7 is doing your back no favors. Fortunately, technology has come a long way these past years, ushering in a slew of tables that — like magic — move up or down, so you can stand (or sit) when you need to.


How big should a corner desk be?

Good question! If, like myself and many of our readers, you're living in a smaller space, then you won't want anything too clunky. Indeed, we've kept our pick in the small- to medium-sized range of options out there. In fact,  you should be turning your focus to credentials like storage and desk space itself. As feng shui expert and founder of Interiors Therapy, Suzanne Roynon, puts it, "When choosing a corner desk, factor in the need for space to spread out reference materials, printer, laptop, and equipment where necessary." Any other advice? "Aim for an option which includes storage so everything can be put away, out of sight at night.”

Is a corner desk a good idea?'

Yes, but with a few other considerations. As the go-to feng shui buff, Roynon tells us, having your back to the door at a desk isn't always ideal, but there are plenty of ways to manage this, and often, if you're in a dorm or tight quarters, it can be essential. "A small mirror positioned on or above the desk, angled so it reflects the door when it opens is a valuable way to relieve some of the vulnerability students may feel and help," she explains. This will "help them to focus at a corner desk." Need some further help? Try these uber-trendy mirrors!

Where to buy a corner desk

Still searching for the ultimate corner desk to spruce up your dinky dorm or small but mighty rental? Check out our go-to retailers, listed below.

How we chose these corner desks

We served up this selection of hot-stuff corner desks based on the reviews and star ratings of shoppers the world over. As such, these corner desks have all been proudly approved by the people whose opinion matters most. In picking them, we've erred on the side of practicality, affordability, and — above all else — style.

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