As a fashion fanatic, I can confidently say these are the best clothes hangers for your gorgeous garms

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Keeping your home ticking over when you are tight on space is never easy, but there are plenty of ways to do more with less. If, like most of our generation, you're settling into a tiny dorm or apartment, it's likely you'll witness the floordrobe in action. I know I did. For me, part of the issue was finding ways to make do with what I already had. Whether that was a fresh set of velvet coat hangers, a clothes hanger rod to revive my forgotten closet, a little extra storage in the form of a clothes rack, or smart use of wall space via wall-mounted hangers — the answers to my troubles came flying in once I actually started searching for solutions. 

So, if you've got some special attire (whether an Urban Outfitters dress you spent $150 dollars on or some high-quality jeans you refuse to take off), these hanging solutions will help you tackle your clothes chair once and for all. You might also want to invest in some specially-designed closet organizers, or under-bed storage containers for out-of-season clothing once you're done, FYI.

Sourcing only the finest products to hang clothes from, our carefully curated list is not only an exercise in sharing our interior knowledge and taste, but also, one constituted solely by highly rated products. Yep, each and every one featured scores a minimum of four stars, earning kind words from reviewers across the globe. This is everything you'll need for a clutter-free fashion collection.

The best clothes hangers to store your favorite threads

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Clothes hangers

While this article is dedicated to all items that come under the bracket of "clothes hangers," we thought it would be wise to begin with the most classic form — your typical clothes hanger. Then, you can get started with rods, stands, and wall-mounted hanging devices to place them on.

Clothes hanger rods

If your wardrobe's internal rod gave out or you're just after an extra spot to store clothes — inside the closet or from your ceiling — then clothes hanger rods are an essential part of your interior repertoire. Fortunately, we've done the legwork for you, below.

Clothes hanger stands

If you're without a wardrobe or closet (sorry) or simply after some extra space, a clothes hanger stand is a must. Beyond the additional storage, it's also a fun excuse to display your favorite garments, making it easier to pick out your daily ensembles. 

Clothes hanger wall mounts

Another handy option to try, wall-mounted clothes hangers are a smart and highly efficient way to squeeze a little more space out of an otherwise Lego-sized bedroom. Subtle and perfect for little spaces.

What type of hangers are best for clothes?

To help you get your home and clothes in order the right way, we caught up with Sharon Lowenheim, aka the Organizing Goddess. A certified professional organizer who has always lived in small spaces, she's one to trust. So, her take on the best hangers? "Velvet hangers are great for most items in your closet because they prevent clothing from slipping and they have a very slim profile," she says. Indeed, no one needs clunky hangers clogging up their wardrobe or clothes stand. She also adds, "For heavier items like coats and suits, I prefer wooden hangers."

Where to buy clothes hangers?

If you're still not settled on any of the clothes hangers above, don't sweat it. You're sure to find the perfect ones for you in our handpicked list of trusted retailers below.

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