Best BBQ 2021: our top 15 barbecues to use all year long

Buy the best BBQ with our top 15 picks from Weber, Campingaz, Everdure, Char-Broil, Kamado Joe and more

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best bbq
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Buy the best BBQ now and you'll be perfectly prepared when we next get a sunny spell. The best barbecues have a tendency to sell out at the first sign of summer, so while we're well past grilling season, it's actually a smart move to buy one now in order to have it shipped and assembled ahead of the sunny season. 

Another great reason to buy the best BBQ now is that you're more likely to find your top choice in stock. We spent all summer telling you where to find BBQs in stock, but thankfully, our top 15 picks are a lot easier to find now that people are turning their attention to indoor cooking.

With Black Friday home deals right around the corner, you're likely to find a great deal on a barbecue from Weber, Big Green Egg, Outback, Everdure, and Char-Broil if you shop right now. Here are the top 15 BBQs we recommend buying, divided by charcoal, gas, hybrid, and electric. 

Things to consider when buying the best BBQ include the size and dimensions you'll need. A larger BBQ is always desirable for those who like to entertain, but you need to store your BBQ when it's not in use, so make sure your shed has adequate space. 

Many of the best BBQs come with a number of burners that are capable of cooking for up to 12 people. There are also warming racks that can toast hot dog buns and keep burgers warm while the rest of your feast is cooking. 

The type is important as well. Gas BBQs are easy to ignite and often come with side burners and storage space below the main burners. You can take a look at the best gas BBQs for more options. The best charcoal BBQs offer that smokey flavour that we all associate with a classic BBQ, and they're often cheaper, too. 

Black Friday BBQ deals

Weber Q 1000:  was £362, now £281 at Amazon (save £81)

Weber Q 1000: was £362, now £281 at Amazon (save £81)
The Weber Q 1000 is one of the brand's most popular BBQs, because while it's a mighty gas model, it's also extremely portable. That's down to the fold-away arms and stand, which make it car boot-sized

Weber Compact Charcoal BBQ:  was £154, now £109 at Amazon (save £45)

Weber Compact Charcoal BBQ: was £154, now £109 at Amazon (save £45)
With all the charm of a classic charcoal BBQ, this is Weber's cheapest model. And that's before you take into account this excellent saving! Brb, adding to basket.

Black Friday BBQ deals are guaranteed to arrive in the next few weeks, but we're already seeing some great savings on sellout grills from Weber. 

If you want more options, peruse the in-stock BBQs in our handy buying guide widgets below. They round up the best prices on the internet to make sure you'll never miss out on a restock.  For our top picks of the best BBQs overall, keep reading.  

Best charcoal BBQs for 2021

Nothing beats the traditional smokey flavour of a charcoal barbecue; having said that, with the dizzying number of models out there, it can be difficult to choose a good one. We've compiled the best charcoal bbqs that give the best flavour. Keep scrolling for more barbecue types.

Best BBQ Weber Compact 57cm Kettle Charcoal BBQ

(Image credit: Weber)

1. Weber Compact Kettle Charcoal BBQ

Best charcoal barbecue: a lightweight yet sturdy design perfect for small gatherings

Best for: Compact kettle design
Fuel: Charcoal
Weight: 18kg
Colour: Black
Reasons to buy
+Perfect for small gardens and patios+Compact but with classic Weber touches+Wheels included for easy portability+Reasonable price
Reasons to avoid
-Won't cater to a crowd-Not much storage

The Weber Compact Kettle Charcoal BBQ packs in all the things we love about charcoal BBQs into a traditional and compact kettle design. It's the style that makes Weber a household name, and it delivers on value and style. 

Cooking features
The 47cm diameter is enough to cook for a family, and there's a drip tray underneath to catch ash and charcoal that might escape. That means you've got easy cleaning options. 

Storage Space
It's fairly nonexistent, but you can use the shelf between the wheels to store plates and utensils while you grill. It's so small you can easily pull it up next to a patio table. 

Added benefits
The price is a huge bonus. It's reasonably priced but comes with adjustable heat filters for smoking and keeping temperatures maintained or amping up the flames. 

Best BBQ Flamemaster Kettle 18-inch BBQ with Pizza Oven Extension

(Image credit: Robert Dyas)

2. Flamemaster Kettle 18-inch BBQ

Best kettle barbecue: a lightweight yet sturdy design perfect for small gatherings

Best for: easy movement
Fuel: Charcoal
Weight: 18.1kg
Colour: Black
Reasons to buy
+There's a pizza oven insert+Affordable+Made of tough powder coated steel
Reasons to avoid
-Small cooking capacity

If you want to involve your favourite wood chips to burning charcoal for full-on flavour, we recommend buying the Flamemaster Kettle 18-inch BBQ. 

Cooking features
See that pizza oven insert? That can be used to heat up a pizza stone and cook up some authentic Neaopolitan. Now that's pretty sweet. 

Storage Space
There is a small open shelf on the bottom where you can pop a few items but nothing more, so you’ll need to have a garden table or trolley to hand for all the condiments and added extras.

Added benefits
Once shut, the lid locks in the heat while the vents regulate it. The result is some seriously juicy meat. 

Best BBQ Weber Smokey Joe Premium Barbecue

3. Weber Smokey Joe Premium Charcoal BBQ

Best portable barbecue: a good looking portable charcoal design that's budget-friendly too

Best for: festivals, camping holidays and days out at the beach
Fuel: Charcoal
Weight: 3.5kg
Colour: Slate Blue
Reasons to buy
+Portable and easy to carry+Lightweight and stylish+Lockable lid
Reasons to avoid
-Small design so only suitable for one or two-Don’t over-tighten the lid handle fastener-No stand to set it on

Small enough to pop into the back of the car as you head off on a day or weekend out, we can recommend buying the Weber Smokey Joe (it's well priced too!)

Cooking features
For a portable model, it’s packed full of features such as a steel cooking grate, a handy tuck and carry lid, a steel charcoal grate for aeration and a briquette measuring cup so you don’t overdo it on the heat production. 

Storage space
There’s no storage but you wouldn’t expect that for such a small model or such a low price.

Added benefits
At just 3.5kg, this is lightweight enough to take with you to the beach, park, festival or camping site. The size is ideal for two people, but you may struggle to cook comfortably for any more than that.

See more of the best portable BBQs in our guide. 

Best kamado charcoal BBQ: Kamado Joe Junior BBQ

4. Kamado Joe Junior BBQ

Best kamado charcoal BBQ: With included heat deflector and nifty stand, this is stiff competition for the Big Green Egg

Best for: Kamado
Material: Ceramic
Grill size: 35cm
Weight: 36kg
Reasons to buy
+Includes heat deflector stone+Affordable
Reasons to avoid
-Smallest grill size on our list

The Kamado Joe Junior might look like the over-ripe cousin of the Big Green Egg, and admittedly they do share some resemblance, but its charms are all its own. 


For starters, while the grill area is the same size on the Joe Junior as on Big Green Egg’s MiniMax, it’s a little easier to cart around if need be, thanks to its neat handled cast iron stand and lighter-by-a-whisker weight. 

Extra features

It’s also more cost-effective, despite offering a great range of uses thanks to the included heat deflector stone that allows you to hot smoke, roast, and bake as well as grill.

Kamado value

Kamado Grills aren't cheap, so we think this option for under £500 is a real steal. 

Best portable BBQ for features: Everdure by Heston Blumenthal Cube Portable Charcoal Barbecue

5. Everdure by Heston Blumenthal Cube Portable Charcoal Barbecue

Best charcoal BBQ for convenience: it looks great, and it's easy to use

Best for: Smart design
Fuel: Charcoal
Weight: 7kg
Colour: Orange, black
Reasons to buy
+Features a food-grade plastic tray and a handy bamboo chopping board +Heat protection keeps surroundings cool+Stay-cool handles
Reasons to avoid

As with all cooking gadgets designed by Heston Blumenthal, this BBQ has been cleverly thought out to provide you with every feature you could possibly need.


Whether you’ve got people round for the evening or you’re heading out on your next camping trip, the Everdure by Heston Blumenthal Cube Portable Charcoal Barbecue will do the job.

Thoughtfully designed

This is perfect for tabletop cooking, which makes your gathering all the more sociable. There’s the added bonus of a food grade plastic tray, which can be a handy storage area for either food or cutlery and napkins, and a bamboo tray for prepping.

Take it anywhere

The Everdure by Heston Blumenthal Cube Portable Charcoal Barbecue has a lid that clips into place, as well as two sturdy heat-resistant handles. You can pack it away just as easily as you unpacked it, and because it's only 7kg you can put it in a bag for trips to the park or beach. 

Best gas BBQs for 2021

When you don’t want to be messing around with charcoal and smoke or you prefer precise control, a gas barbecue is for you. Or you can keep scrolling for hybrid dual fuel designs as well as electric grills, smokers and the best pizza ovens.

best bbq

(Image credit: Weber)

6. Weber Spirit Classic E-210

Best small gas BBQ: lightweight but with that classic Weber quality

Best for: Mid-sized gardens
Weight: 52.5kg
Fuel: Gas
Colour: Black
Reasons to buy
+Foldable side shelves+In-built rack for warming +Six utensil hooks+Plenty of grilling space
Reasons to avoid
-No side burner included-Less sturdy frame than some 

If you want a gas BBQ but don't have the space for a full-sized BBQ, the Weber Spirit Classic E-210 is a great option.

Lightweight frame

Weighing only 52.5kg, the Weber Spirit Classic E-210 is more portable than most thanks to its lightweight frame. It also comes on four wheels with locking casters to keep it safe when in use.

Two burners

Cater to a mid-sized family with two burners for simultaneous cooking. You can control each burner independently to create different temperatures. The warming rack allows you to preheat burner buns and keep extras warm while you prepare a full feast.

Easy to clean

Featuring porcelain-coated cooking grates, you'll find the Weber Spirit Classic E-210 easy to clean after use. It's also designed to add a classic char and smokey flavour due to the "flavourizer" function. 

Best BBQ Outback Excel Onyx 2-Burner Gas Trolley BBQ

(Image credit: Outback)

6. Outback Excel Onyx 2-Burner Gas Trolley BBQ

Best gas barbecue for value: a stylish model at the right price

Best for: looks and value
Fuel: Gas
Weight: 21kg
Colour: Black
Reasons to buy
+Side burner+Storage on-board+Sleek design
Reasons to avoid
-Only 2 burners

The Outback Excel Onyx 2-Burner Gas Trolley BBQ is a winner when it comes to looks and smart design. It's got a warming rack, side burner, in-built thermometer, just about everything we look for in a gas model. 

Cooking features
Blacken or boil using the side burner and convert the main grill into a convection oven using the built-on thermometer. Great for large cuts of meat. 

Storage space 
Take a look at that shelf. Perfect for storing places and dips. There's also a cup holder for the grill-master to stay hydrated. 

Added benefits
The wheels are large and perfectly portable. We also enjoy the fact that the side burner and arm can fold down. It's the perfect balance between affordable and high quality. 

best gas bbq

(Image credit: Everdure)

7. Everdure by Heston Blumenthal Force 2 Burner Gas BBQ

Best gas barbecue for style: a fabulous looking model from experimental chef Heston Blumenthal

Best for: making a style statement in the garden
Fuel: Gas
Weight: 33kg
Colour: Mint or Graphite
Reasons to buy
+On-trend colours+Flexible cooking with hood up or hood down+Pre-assembled
Reasons to avoid
-High price tag -No warming rack

Offering outstanding control and good looks, it would be a great investment if you buy the Everdure by Heston Blumenthal Force 2 Burner Gas BBQ. It did get our vote for the best gas BBQ, too, so you know you're onto a winner.

Cooking features
Any cooking gadget or appliance with the name Heston Blumenthal attached to it is going to be great quality and well thought out and this Everdure by Heston Blumenthal Force 2 Burner Gas BBQ is no different. A beautiful piece of design, we think it's well worth the investment. It comes with independently controlled gas burners for cooking on and off the heat with variable heat control so you can ensure that ingredients are cooking at the perfect temperature. Cook with the hood up or the hood down, with the hood being high enough for convection cooking if you fancy a large joint of meat.

Storage space 
Side shelves and space below provide all the space you need for sauces and salads.

Added benefits
The die-cast aluminium body is rust-proof and feels extremely sturdy and durable. Bear in mind that the plates are enamel coated, which means you'll need to clean them more carefully without the use of conventional scourers. Try a nylon brush instead.

Best gas BBQ for parties: Weber Genesis II E-310

8. Weber Genesis II E-310

Best gas barbecue: the versatile Weber Genesis II E-310 is our top pick

Best for: Value
Fuel: Gas
Weight: 57kg
Colour: Stainless steel
Reasons to buy
+Warming rack included+Cast iron cooking grates+Rust and chip resistant
Reasons to avoid
-Three burners isn't the largest you can buy

Our favourite gas barbecue is the Weber Genesis II E-310. It's designed to last, with chip-resistant and rust-free coating and cast iron cooking grates that are durable and easy to clean. 

Three burners for a crowd

Weber claims this barbecue can cook for up to 12 people, and because of its warming rack you can cook in bulk for large meals. It does have only three burners which, while making it easier to clean, is not as many as other models on offer. 

Easy ignition

No more waiting for your charcoal to light - with a gas barbecue you can simply ignite the grill and have all the control you need to create perfectly cooked steak, burger, and more. 

Storage is easy

With a 120cm height, 152cm width, and a 76cm depth, this barbecue comes with its space demands. It is easy enough to store though, with four wheels (two of them lockable) and a tuck-away side rack.

Weber Q1000

(Image credit: Weber)

9. Weber Q 1200 Portable Grill

Best portable gas BBQ for families: a stylish table top gas BBQ with plenty of cooking space

Best for: Family camping trips
Fuel: Gas
Weight: 17kg
Reasons to buy
+Fold-away work tables for convenient prepping 
Reasons to avoid
-Gas refills don't last very long

If you’re looking for convenient cooking, this BBQ from Weber may be just the ticket. 


Thanks to its built in carry handles, the BBQ is easy to transport, while the fold away cooking tables provide you with some handy prep space. With a control burner valve and thermostat, you can regulate the temperature of the BBQ so the food doesn’t burn on the outside and remain raw in the middle. 

Add a stand

You also have the option of buying a compatible BBQ stand, making this the best portable BBQ for home and away. 

Same great Weber quality

Whether you opt for a portable or freestanding Weber Q 1200, these BBQs feature that classic Weber performance you're looking for. 

Best BBQ

(Image credit: Amazon)

10. Char-Broil Professional Black Edition 3500 Gas BBQ

Best gas barbecue for chefs: opt for a model designed for even heat and juicier results

Best for: Tasty results
Weight: 56kg
Fuel: Gas
Colour: Black
Reasons to buy
+Tasty results+Designed for easy cleaning+Doors to hide the gas tank+Side burner
Reasons to avoid
-Not the largest

The CharBroil Professional Black Edition 3500 Gas BBQ has a side burner for cooking up a feast, and you can cover it with a 10 year warranty. 

Large cooking area

The CharBroil Professional Black Edition 3500 Gas BBQ has a 2683 sq cm cooking area, which is great for catering to most size groups. It's only got two burners though, so opt for a four burner BBQ for something capable of cooking enough for a BBQ party. 

Store more

You can stash the essentials for meal preparation behind the barbecue’s enamelled steel doors and use the side shelves to ensure everything you need is at hand.

Chefs choice

The TRU-Infrared cooking with the CharBroil Professional is designed to cut back on gas use and prevent flare-ups that could lead to uneven cooking.  

Best hybrid BBQs for 2021

Not sure whether you prefer charcoal or gas? How about a hybrid dual fuel design for the best of both? Here are our top picks…

Best hybrid barbecue: Char-Broil Gas2Coal Hybrid GrillReal Homes Rated Gold badge

11. Char-Broil Gas2Coal Hybrid Grill

Best hybrid barbecue: for a smoky flavour with the precise control of gas and dual fuel cooking, this model is the perfect choice

Best for: keeping your options open when it comes to flavour and taste
Fuel: Gas or coal
Weight: 50g
Colour: black
Reasons to buy
+Side burner for heating sauces+Stainless steel burners+Temperature gauge
Reasons to avoid
-Needs two people to assemble-High price-Build quality not great say some buyers

Whether one member of your family prefers gas and the other prefers coal or you’re really looking to maximise every available opportunity to cook outside this summer, we can recommend  which leaves you with plenty of scope for creating amazing food. 

Cooking features
This design offers great gas temperature control with three individual burners that allow you to get the temperature just right when cooking on the gas setting. There’s an off-heat cooking option for that smoky, slow-cooked flavour while the ability to cook without the heat on in the charcoal mode is great. The results, flavour-wise, are stunning.

Storage space
There is a little space with a side shelf and warming rack, which is also handy for keeping food warm.

Added benefits 
Thanks to a warming rack, you can keep food warm while cooking more – ideal for larger batches and parties.

Best bbq

(Image credit: B&Q)

12. Rockwell Gas & Charcoal Hybrid Barbecue

Best hybrid barbecue for multi-tasking: for a true versatile option

Best for: Multi-tasking
Fuel: Gas & charcoal
Colours: Black
Reasons to buy
+Spacious+Cook in charcoal and gas simultaneously+Comes with warming rack+Dishwasher safe design
Reasons to avoid
-Large-Can't do entirely one fuel type

Incorporate different fuel types into one great meal with the Rockwell Gas & Charcoal Hybrid Barbecue

Cooking features
It’s packed with features. There are two cooking areas and dual hoods with thermometers for cooking at different temperatures and a warming rack to keep dishes warm or you can use it as a secondary cooking area.

Storage space
As well as the warming rack, there's also a side shelf and enclosed storage space underneath the cart.

Not too pricey
Don't think that hybrid has to cost more - the Rockwell Gas & Charcoal Hybrid Barbecue is a reasonably priced option. 

Best electric grills for 2021

No mess, no fuss, no purchasing of fuel: electric grills give you all of that, plus portability. Keep scrolling for smokers and pizza ovens.

Best BBQ: Sage by Heston Blumenthal the Smart Grill Pro

13. Sage by Heston Blumenthal the Smart Grill Pro

The best electric grill: for steaks, burgers and other meats, this no mess, no fuss electric frill from Heston is epic

Best for: Electrical grill
Fuel: Electric
Weight: 9.8 kg
Colour: Silver
Reasons to buy
+Integrated temperature probe +5 meat settings for cooking from rare to well done +Cooks twice as fast as a barbecue
Reasons to avoid
-High price tag-Not very large so would have to use multiple times to feed the family-Can’t cook whole chicken

One of the best electric grills you can get, we wouldn't hesitate to buy the Smart Grill Pro. Perfect for steaks and burgers, it’s the next best thing to a barbecue.

Cooking features
From rare to well done, the five temperature settings will delight steak lovers. However you like your meat cooked, this will get it exactly right. Remarkably accurate, the heat probe will allow you to relax and cook meat through to the right temperature without fuss.

Storage space
None but then you'll likely be using it in the kitchen so that’s not really an issue.

Added benefits
The grill heats up in seconds and sears food for that smoky, chargrilled finish. It cooks veggies in seconds and it’s easy to clean, as the plates can be removed and will fit in a standard dishwasher.

Best BBQ George Foreman Indoor and Outdoor Grill

14. George Foreman Indoor Outdoor Grill

Best portable electrical grill: with a stand for easy use, this portable electric barbecue is suitable for indoor and outdoor entertaining

Best for: rainy days or sudden change in weather days
Fuel: Electric
Weight: 6.26kg
Colour: Black
Reasons to buy
+Large cooking surface, able to cook up to 15 pieces of meat +Angled plates drain fat away+Non-stick easy-clean plates
Reasons to avoid
-The stand isn’t that sturdy-Therefor, not ideal for uneven surfaces-No shelves or storage

If you're savvy with your money, we can recommend buying the George Foreman Indoor and Outdoor Grill which can double up as table top cooker and BBQ. Whether you’re taking on the cooking responsibilities at a summer BBQ or cooking a healthy mid-week dinner for the family, this grill should enable you to do it with ease. 

Cooking features
Perfect for meat or fish, this portable appliance can easily cook 15 portions of food and can be used inside or out. There’s also an outside temperature gauge so you can keep an eye on the temperature inside, too. 

Storage space 
There’s no storage with the unit but when it comes to storing it yourself, simply remove the stand and the grill will sit neatly on the table or worktop.

Added benefits
Cleaning this BBQ Grill is easy as it comes with non-stick removable plates, which are also angled so they drain fat and grease away into the integrated drip tray. No need for connecting to a gas canister or messing around with dirty charcoal – just plug in and away you go.

See more of the best electrical grills in our guide. 

Best smokers for 2021

Love the characteristic flavour and tender texture of smoked fish and meat? Now you can create your own smoked dishes at home…

Best BBQ Best smoker barbecue: Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker

15. Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker Grill

Best BBQ smoker: this weatherproof design can be used come rain or shine

Best for: Smoked meat, fish or seafood
Fuel: Charcoal
Weight: 11kg
Colour: Black
Reasons to buy
+Combines a grill with smoke+Holds its temperature well+Multiple air vents
Reasons to avoid
-Pretty pricey-Smoke can seep through the door-Takes a few goes to get the smoky flavour right

Weber is a big name in barbecuing, so it’s no surprise that they’ve successfully turned their hand to barbecue smokers too. If you want to buy the Smokey Mountain Cooker you won't be disappointed – it does what it says on the tin which is why it's award-winning and highly rated by yours truly.

Cooking features
It's sturdy, snug construction is very important for the quality of the smoke, and all the parts in this reassuringly heavy smoker hold together in a nicely tight fit, making sure smoke does not escape. Smoking is an hour-long process and this smoker, once you've got it to the desired temperature, will hold it remarkably steadily. This makes it suitable for smoking anything, from fish to veg and even nuts. The multiple vents compensate for windy weather.

Storage space
There's no storage with this smoker but that’s not a problem as you’d likely have an additional barbecue or table alongside it.

Added benefits
This smoker means business in terms of how much it can cook in one go: we're talking a very large whole chicken or multiple whole salmon fillets. 

How to buy the best barbecue for 2021

Picking the best BBQ for your family will depend on a number of things – the fuel you like to cook with, whether you want any fancy extras and how large or small you need the barbecue to be. Also, take into account the style, the overall look and the price, too.

Fuel type
Think about the type of food you like to pop on the barbie. Is it more your classic burgers and hot dogs? In which case a traditional charcoal design will give the best, most authentic chargrilled flavour. Or are you after something that will expertly cook fish and seafood? In which case you’re be better off with an all-singing, all-dancing gas design. 

Maybe you want the best of both with a hybrid dual fuel model or an electric grill for when it rains? If you’re after something a little more exotic or as an added extra for an existing barbecue, consider a smoker. And when you need something for the park or to take to a festival, go for a portable model which will really impress your guests; whilst a pizza oven (also very impressive) is perfect for children’s parties and large gatherings too. So there are plenty to choose from at prices to suit every pocket too.

While the best gas barbecue will still deliver on the smokey BBQ flavour, a charcoal barbecue is your best bet if you really like that authentic, chargrilled taste. An electric grill will be portable and easy to use, but won't give you the smoke. For added flavour, consider a smoker barbecue instead.

Ease of cleaning
Look at how simple the barbecue is to clean. Are the grates and accessories dishwasher-safe for instance? Do the parts come off so you can dunk them in a sink of hot soapy water? Bear in mind that larger surface areas will take more elbow grease and time, too.

As a rough guide, for four people, you'll need a grill size that's less than 1800cm²; for six people, a grill up to 2500cm² will do; for eight people or more, look for a barbecue with a grill size that's 2500cm²+.

Storage space
Consider whether the barbecue comes with any storage space for cooking utensils and tools as well as larger shelves for condiments and pop-up side flaps for bowls of salads and rice. At the very least, it’s great if there’s somewhere to pop the Ketchup. Also, look at the overall dimensions of the design and think about where you’ll store it during the winter months. A barbecue left outdoors won’t last very long if it’s exposed to the elements so make sure there’s room in the garage or shed.

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