These wind chimes will turn your outdoor space into a cottagecore dream

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When I was little, I used to love going into the backyard, weaving my way around the outdoor furniture, and heading straight towards the pergola where the wind chime hung. I’d sit there for hours, reading books and just enjoying the vibes.

Now I’m an adult, I still appreciate the beauty of chilling outside, with the twinkly sound of wind chimes. They’re just so relaxing, and you don’t have to do anything with them — simply hang them up and let nature play its tune. Oh, and they look so darn adorable.

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1. Traditional wind chimes
2. Colorful wind chimes
3. Nature-themed wind chimes
4. Solar-powered wind chimes

If you’re loving the sound of having cute chimes in your garden, I’ve got you. I’ve rounded up the most beautiful wind chimes, so you can live your cottagecore fantasy to the fullest. They also are seriously boho too, if you’re into that.

Ready to make your small outdoor space so aesthetic? Thought so. Scroll on down for the cutest wind chimes ever…

12 wind chimes that are whimsical and wonderful 

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I've split these out into different types and styles, so whether you want to keep things classic or go for something bold AF, I've got you.

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Traditional wind chimes

When I think of wind chimes, these ones are def what I picture. They're so pretty and are seriously withstanding too.

Colorful wind chimes

Not got a lotta space to play with? Colorful wind chimes are a great way to inject playfulness into your backyard.

Nature-themed wind chimes

Celebrate the outdoors by decorating your backyard with decorations inspired by wildlife and plants.

Solar-powered wind chimes

Ooh, I love it when decor buys are two-in-one. These chimes all shine brightly in the dark, saving you from having to grab lights too. 


What is the point of wind chimes?

They look super aesthetic and add a beautiful sound to your outdoor space. As well as this, they’re also great for feng shui

Which way do you put a wind chime?

You want to make sure that you’re hanging it somewhere the wind will catch it, so it actually makes music. Also, if you want to use yours for feng shui, hang it to the west. 

Where to buy wind chimes

How we chose these wind chimes

As an girlie renting a home with a small outdoor space, I know the importance of finding decorations that look good and that won’t damage the space. I looked through plenty of different sites to find wind chimes in a variety of different styles and that can be hung up easily. Plus, I made sure they all plenty of glowing reviews, from people that have transformed their spaces with them.

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