Focus on window treatments: glazed door blinds

Choose glazed door blinds with plenty of visual impact and your living and dining spaces will look as good at night as they do during the day, says Rachel Ogden

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Choose glazed door blinds with plenty of visual impact and your living and dining spaces will look as good at night as they do during the day. A big expanse of glass at night time can be quite an intimidating place to live, but there is no reason you can’t use this space to make a statement in your living area with some beautiful glazed door blinds.

Super size design

There’s lots of flexibility built into a Venetian blind, making it a smart option for a conservatory or any other space where the light levels and temperature can fluctuate. For example, tilting the slats up maintains your privacy and reduces glare while letting in light. Over a large area, such as a pair of doors, consider one long blind, rather than two separate ones, to prevent light peeking through the middle where the blinds join.


2.5cm aluminium Venetian blinds in Plum, £600 for H200xW180cm and H200xW70cm, including fitting, Budget Blinds

Easy-fold design

Glazed door blinds that have been specially created for bi-fold doors mean there’s no need to worry about raising them before opening your doors. These designs have a bevelled bead for a streamlined look and are rebate-fitted so the doors can fold back fully without the blinds getting in the way. Cord-free, they can be raised or lowered manually to adjust light levels.


1.6cm MicroPleat blinds in Pristine White, from £225 per m2, Thomas Sanderson

Fully fitted

Glazed door blinds that fit into the door frame are a sleek and discreet solution – opening fully to reveal almost all of the glass without becoming caught in closing doors or flapping around in a breeze. These designs have a concertina feature so they can easily fold up, plus they provide easy control for temperature, shading and privacy.


Prestige five-door set of polyester blinds in Morning Light, each H178xW56cm, access door H178xW55cm, £749 as shown, Vufold

Classic update

Often a cost-effective solution as well as a flexible one, vertical glazed door blinds have shaken off their dated office image and been given a new spin that makes them great for large areas of glass. Choose wide louvres and a bold, bright colour to give a contemporary feel to a space with a hint of texture to add extra interest when they’re drawn.


Vertical blinds in Scarlet polyester, shown here covering five windows, including one at the far end, each H200xW180cm, £105, Direct Blinds

Remember to keep door handles accessible, free from cords and not in the middle of a wide roller blind or curtain. Similarly, mount any housing or rails high enough above the doorframe so you don’t have to duck to avoid them

Styling tips for folding or sliding doors by Neil Ginger, CEO at Origin

Add a splash of colour

Keeping walls neutral and incorporating a colour scheme using soft furnishings such as blinds, cushions, lampshades and rugs is an easy and effective way to update the décor in a room. Colour schemes can be changed to reflect the seasons simply by switching these soft furnishings from rich, warm shades in winter to fresh, bright tones in summer.

Look outside

Bi-fold doors allow you to connect your home to the outside, so why not match

Mix and match

Rather than a standard black, white or grey finish for your door frames, why not choose a colour and co-ordinate your treatment? Choose matching blinds for a cohesive look or try a contrasting colour.

Be brave with print and colour

Bi-fold doors allow you to make a feature in your space, so choosing a treatment in a statement print or colour, while keeping the rest of the décor neutral, will make them stand out, especially with the sun shining through from the outside. In a small room, stick to neutral, warm shades rather than defaulting to white

Remote Rollers

A smart solution for doors in frequent use, electric glazed door blinds do away with the need for cords and can be opened at a click of a button. These roller blinds include two motors, allowing each panel to be operated independently of the others. Here, the cassettes above the blinds have been colour-matched to the shade of the door frames for a sleek, minimal appearance.


Electric blinds in Bali Linen flax-mix fabric, H215xW503cm, £1,600, Origin Blinds

Darker finish for drama

A shot of deep colour in a room will instantly sharpen a scheme. Darker stained shutters can create gorgeous, cosy spaces but may make the space feel like a black hole if you don’t get the lighting and surrounding décor right. However, if you choose wooden shutters, they’re easy to repaint.

Gliding track basswood shutter system in Wenge, H250xW400cm, £4,500, Santa Fe Shutters

Always opt for materials that are easy to clean or wipe down, especially if your doors lead straight out into the garden. Keep the full drop of blinds just above the floor to stop them from getting grubby or damaged at the hem

Simple solution

Offering great privacy when needed, but drawing up neatly when it’s time to enjoy the view, roller blinds are easy to fit and swap when you fancy a change. Made in widths of up to three metres, finding one to suit your doors should be simple. If you find yourself going for neutral tones, try a richer colour, such as this soothing purple.