A plants retailer has launched a podcast for houseplants to help them grow happily

If you've got a dying houseplant, this could be a final attempt to revive it

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Our collections of the best indoor plants have grown this year, brightening up our living spaces with their luscious foliage. Looking after them can, however, feel like a big responsibility. 

If you're looking for alternatives to plant food and regular misting, you could try this new podcast for houseplants.

Online plants retailer The Growers (opens in new tab) has released a series of spoken word poetry clips (opens in new tab)designed to be played to your plants, helping them grow.

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Now it might not be as crazy as we first thought, given that two in five people in the UK talk to their plants anyway. Whether it's to give themselves a mental boost, alleviate stress, or as a result of loneliness, Brits are known to strike up a conversation with their fiddle-leaf figs.

'People find comfort in talking to their plants like they would a baby or a dog,' says Andrew Fuller, plant expert at The Growers. But it's good for plants, too, as it's proven that talking to plants helps them grow healthily.

'It might surprise a lot of people to know that it’s reciprocated and plants do actually find comfort in the human voice,' says Andrew. He explains that the frequency of your voice makes them happy, stimulating growth.


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According to The Growers, plants have a positive response to the vibrations of the human voice and will increase their production of carbon dioxide, resulting in photosynthesis. Check out our dedicated guide on how to care for houseplants if yours are struggling.

The spoken word poetry for plants was launched in partnership with poet Matt Abbott. Themes include the relationship we build with our plants and the positive impact they have on our mental wellbeing.

The five poems touch on how the dulcet tones of a loving plant owner can help a plant to grow and flourish, whether it’s a natter with your Nemesia, reading love letters to your Lillies, or discussing football scores with your Fuschias.


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'As a freelancer, being able to even contemplate taking some "me time" was unimaginable until recently,' says poet Matt. 'The arrival of some plants from The Growers has completely transformed that. And writing these poems has helped me to properly appreciate it!'

Many of us have taken on new succulents or spider plants to care for, nurture and grow this year. The benefits of houseplants are well known, but it turns out chatting to them and playing them poetry can help them, too.

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