Love Bridgerton? Try the Otherland Garden Party collection

Bring botanical bliss to homes with the Otherland Garden Party Collection

Otherland candle collection
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Bequeath it to Otherland to bring Bridgerton alive! The candle manufacturer — known for working with different visual artists for every new collection they create — has just dropped the soiree of our dreams with their brand-new 'Garden Party' release. 

The latest launch includes six sensational shades — all available in monochromatic vessels —every single option is sure to earn Lady Whistletone's stamp of approval and crowned one of the best candles. 

Ringing in at $36, every signature scent was designed to bring the outdoors, igniting our senses in the most refreshing of ways. From floral-based fragrances to linen-inspired scents, every single one of Otherland's monochromatic candles will ignite botanical bliss, ranking high on every Bridgerton lover's list. 

Plus, think of how marvelous they'll look on the display on any media console or kitchen corner. 

Don't believe us? Check out the Otherland collection below. 

Shop the Otherland 'Garden Party' Collection

1. For those who love pink

Otherland Georgette candle

(Image credit: Otherland)

Georgette Candle for $36, at Otherland

A modern twist on fresh florals, this Georgette candle highlights Southern Magnolia, Lily of the Valley, and White Amber throughout. Featuring a pretty-in-pink vessel, this choice is sure to leave everyone blushing. 

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2. For the lilac lovers 

Otherland ultraviolet candle

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Ultraviolet Candle for $36, at Otherland

Inspired by tea — the Ultraviolet candle emphasizes purple violet and wild lavender, strategically layering it with jasmine tea for an exquisite blend. 

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3. For the yellow enthusiasts 

Otherland candle

(Image credit: Otherland)

Canary Candle for $36, at Otherland

Picture this: a warm sunny day, frolicking through freshly cut grass, surrounded by golden daffodils, as narcissus blooms and cool cantaloupe awakes your senses; sounds spectacular, doesn't it? It does, and this Canary candle does all that and more. 

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4. For those who love green

Otherland candle

(Image credit: Otherland)

Verdant Verve Candle for $36, at Otherland

Think lush greenery in a garden, and oakmoss, neroli blossom, and fresh thyme filling the air; a scent so spectacular it leaves everyone green with envy. View Deal

5. For those who love blue

Otherland out of the blue candle

(Image credit: Otherland)

Out of the Blue Candle for $36, at Otherland

Similar to a springtime daydream, this candle jumps out of the blue in the most sensational of ways. Layered with blue hydrangeas, sheer hyacinth, and water lilies, the fresh aquatic notes mesh with vanilla sweetness for a pleasurable scent. View Deal

6. For those who love white

otherland clean blossom candle

(Image credit: Otherland)

Clean Blossom Candle for $36, at Otherland

Tablescapes are front-and-center at any garden party —and this candle drew influence from that. With clean, fresh laundry comfort, mimosa flowers and creamy gardenia notes fill the air. View Deal

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