LEGO flowers and plants are the fun home decor you never knew you needed

These beautiful eco-friendly LEGO flowers and plant sets are brilliant. For whether you are blessed with a green thumb or you are a tad forgetful when it comes to watering...

LEGO Flowers Bouquet and LEGO Bird of Paradise plant on side
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You heard it here first: LEGO flowers have recently become somewhat of a trend, and not just by LEGO fans or flower enthusiasts, but by those of us who, unfortunately, struggle to keep a cactus alive at the best of times *guilty*.

LEGO flowers and plants are obviously made of LEGO so they require building, which is where the fun begins, but why else are they so brilliant? This genius invention brings the outside in, without the waste and the trip to your local florist every few weeks. You can even rearrange these bouquets, separating each stem or bunching them together, based on the season – or for a special occasion. There are unlimited opportunities when it comes to LEGO flowers as you can display these wherever you like, without thinking of sunlight and humidity. Best of all: these flowers come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Think tulips, roses, daisies, snapdragons and even asters. As for the LEGO plant, this is a replica of a Bird of Paradise plant, which, is known for being a tad difficult to keep alive. No need to daily water this bad boy, though, as it's made using (you guessed it) LEGO bricks which also means you can build its stems facing whichever way you like.

Simply enough, LEGO flowers and plants are really just the home decor accessory we never even knew we needed, To add some colour where we definitely need it, and to make our lives easier. These also make a lovely gift idea. The best part is that these two LEGO sets – the LEGO Flower Bouquet and LEGO Bird of Paradise – are made of bricks that are made using sustainable materials. So essentially, you'll be building plants from plants. We love to hear it.

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LEGO flower bouquet inside a green glass vase

(Image credit: LEGO)

Not just for kids, these LEGO flowers and plants are actually quite complex. Don't let that put you off: you'll more than enjoy assembling these vibrant sets. Not quite as much as you will enjoy styling each one in your home, though. Here's what's up for grabs...

Lego Flowers & Plants – what's on offer?

LEGO Flower Bouquet


LEGO Flower Bouquet | £44.99 at LEGO
This set comes with 15 stems that are ready for you to build, which are adjustable in size to create unique arrangements. They truly are vibrantly coloured, while they are also 756 pieces in this set – take your time and relax.

LEGO Bird of Paradise Plant


LEGO Bird of Paradise Plant | £89.99 at LEGO
With more than 1,000 pieces inside the box, this LEGO set will be therapeutic to build and beautiful to style in your home. Place it anywhere from a dark room to a shaded corner, and position the buds whichever way you like. It's pretty sizeable, too, with the tallest leaf limb measuring over 46cm high. A plant that will never wither, this makes a lovely gift idea.

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