We're obsessed with these household subscription services – you'll never run out of essentials again

These household subscription services can save you a trip (or five) to the shops. Yes, you can get everything from deodorant to washing tablets, vitamins, dog food and more, delivered

Household subscription services: Smol blue washing tablets flatlay
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Searching for household subscription services? We are experts when it comes to this topic – as subscribers to pretty much everything you can get delivered on a monthly basis, we know the stuff to buy, and what to avoid. Global pandemic or not, these buys will make your life ten times easier, and there'll be no more running out of things from kitchen roll to dishwasher tablets, razor heads, deodorant... you get the gist.

What else? Nine times out of ten, these subscription companies offer an eco-alternative to whatever you'd usually by on your weekly food shop, and in some cases, you will save money by subscribing. And, obviously, there's the fact that these household subscriptions are so convenient. No more *stylishly* dragging dishwasher tablets, five bottles of cleaning products, the dog's food and 20 rolls of toilet roll to the boot of your car.

The best part? Selected companies offer a free trial so that you can try out what they have to offer, or they have a discount for new customers. Even if you only want to try once for the discount, why not? You can also opt into monthly subscriptions, or pay as and when you like. Of course, these subscriptions can be cancelled or changed at any time – whether you need more washing tablets now you have a baby on the way, or your household seems to use kitchen roll like it's going out of fashion.

If it's food you are after, see our best food delivery services guide.

Smol dishwasher tablets in packet

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We love Smol – the cleaning company that delivers through your letterbox. Currently, we have their laundry tablets and dishwasher tablets delivered, but we are soon going to open our subscription to their cleaning products – buy the bottles once, and they send out tablets that you mix with water to make spray solutions. Eco-friendly, convenient and this means you'll never run out of these must-haves again. They tailor your subscription to how many times you use your appliances – how often you wash your clothes, how many times a week your dishwasher goes on.

2. Gousto – recipe kits for lunch or dinner

Gousto box surrounded by food

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We've been Gousto fans since the start of the pandemic – not having to do a big weekly food shop truly has changed our lives. Not just that but the meals taste so good, there are new ones each week and the recipes are super easy to follow. Simply choose how many portions you'd like, and how many per week. Then you'll get a notification telling you to choose new recipes once a week – wait patiently for them to be delivered and cook up a storm.

3. Wild – for eco-friendly deodorant refills

Wild Deodrant

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We're also big fans of this monthly delivery service, and we can confirm that this deodorant does, in fact, keep you smelling nice all day long. Even after working out twice a day. Simply put, you buy the case for your deodorant once, then they send you plastic-free refills when you need them. You can choose your scent, too, so you can switch it up every month. A small price to pay to never run out of deodorant ever again (we've all been there, right?). We're big fans of the fresh cotton and sea salt scent...

4. Milk & more – for milk, eggs, bread, juice...

Milk & More: Milk on doorstep

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Is there anything more convenient than getting your milk, eggs, bread and juice all delivered on the same day every single week? We think not. We get ours delivered every Monday (gotta start the week properly, right?) and we wake up to our milkman having left it on our doorstep. We pop our empty bottles out there and he takes those, too. You can also just buy as you please with no subscription required. If you are lazy like us though (and forgetful) then you may want to set up a regular delivery. They also stock everything from organic fruit and veg to pastries, cleaning supplies and meat.

5. FFS – for recyclable razor heads

Friction Free Shaving razors in all different colours

(Image credit: Friction Free Shaving)

If you are fed up of throwing away plastic razors, then FFS has got your back. Much like the deodorant we mentioned above, you buy the razor itself once. Then, you can opt into a monthly subscription of heads so that you never run out. These heads can be recycled, they are lubricating and cruelty-free and vegan. The handle on the razor itself is nice to hold, and it'll look nice in your bathroom, too. We've been using ours for well over a year, and we are impressed!

6. Feel – for supplements, vitamins and more

If you usually head to your local health store to stock up on supplements and vitamins, then take your shoes and coat off and put your feet up. Feel will deliver your monthly multivitamins through your letterbox – from Omega 3 to a probiotic and more. They send them to you every 30 days, with enough tablets for 30 days in each parcel, so that you're not necessarily storing and you needn't bother leaving your house.

7. Tails – for food for your furry friend

Tails dog food on blue background with dog posing

(Image credit: Tails)

Dog food can now be tailored to your furry friend and their needs, as well as delivered to your front door. No more lugging it from your car to your front door, or storing it in ridiculous quantities. The price will be chosen based on your dogs size, breed, likes and dislikes, and plans start from £10.44 per month. You can add treats to your deliveries, too, for good doggos!

8. Who Gives A Crap? – for toilet roll and kitchen roll

Who Gives A Crap? toilet roll in cardboard box being delivered

(Image credit: Who Gives A Crap?)

Because we all remember the toilet roll shortage of last year, at the start of the pandemic – how can we forget? Subscribe to get your toilet roll, and kitchen roll, delivered to never run out again. Also, this rids the need for storing 100 rolls "just in case". And, 50 per cent of their profits are donated to help build toilets.

Don't forget Amazon's subscribe and save service – for convenient, affordable repeat deliveries of essential items from baby wipes to cat food, coffee, wine and more.

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